1. Reach beta and site update

      written by Ray Benefield
      If you are an avid reader you may have noticed that I've changed a couple of things here and there. Sort of a clean up for the site so that things are easier to read and find. First thing you will notice is the tweet and facebook share buttons. If you are a strong supporter retweet or share each post. If you are just a reader then share anything that you think your friends would be into. Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Something else you will notice is the first paragraphs of all the posts on the front page followed by the pretty "Read more" link. This allows for readers to see what posts they may have missed in the past couple days.

      The Beta (it's super awesome)

      So the Halo: Reach beta is around the corner folks. Today marks the first day for those with Friends & Family codes. There will be live streams lying around. If I see anything I will let you guys know. If you guys want to get together hit me up. If you don't have me as a friend on XBL yet add me as GodlyPerfection. We can get a nice little group together on Monday to have some good ol' fun. WARNING! Posts may slow during the duration of the beta. Don't worry I won't be completely inactive. Don't expect a post every day though. Maybe more like one every two or three days. More design posts tomorrow and this weekend... stay tuned.