1. Reach Beta Impressions

      written by Ray Benefield
      For those who do not know yet, I was able to snag an early access friends and family code for the beta. I was fairly excited and was able to get a couple of hours in last night. Wanna know how I feel about the game, design wise? Read on my friends...

      Smooth Interaction

      The menu navigation system is the smoothest menu I have experienced to date. The beta finds beautiful and unique ways to display a variety of information. You can access pretty much everything at anytime (minus theater mode). Waiting for a match? Browse the available files all over the world. That's right, anything that you post can be viewed by the world in-game. Wanna share that awesome triple kill that you got? Create a film, name it, tag it, and share it. No more going on to B.Net just to view screenshots, videos, gametypes, and maps. Smooth access at all times... well done Bungie.

      Instant Gratification

      When gamers play games, do you know what they want? They want to actually PLAY. People don't enjoy sitting and waiting for a match for like 20 mins like in Halo 2 and Halo 3. From the main menu it takes five button presses to start matchmaking up; A, down, down, down, A (scrolling down the options to start). Quick and easy, though that was the same for H3. However it would take ages to get into a game in H3... I could yell for my woman to make me a sandwich, get into a playful argument, go make my own, and still be back before a game started. That is no more peepz. Games are found fast and easy. The new veto/voting system is superb and smooth. Well done Bungie... for those who have read my Instant Gratification article, you know how smart that move was.


      Gameplay is exactly what it should be... FUN. That's why we play games right? The in-game customization of playstyles and strategies is superb. Everyone can play their own style. Weapons seem pretty well balanced, but I can't give you a first hand review on them. Sorry peepz, I'll explain in a sec. Being able to select an armor ability on every spawn is a great way to throw in twists of strategy. What will your opponents be choosing this time? Stockpile seems to be an alright gametype. Haven't played headhunter yet. We dominated on Oddball on Swordbase. Maps are decently designed, haven't taken the time to fully analyze them yet. They play pretty well, most areas are accessible. You can count on me editing all of the main maps when the retail game comes out to improve gameplay. So ummm... the weapons... yeah about that.

      Fist to the Face

      I haven't shot a single gun, and I've only accidentally thrown one grenade and it didn't hit anyone. Why? Well in Halo 3 everyone was the same minus the weapons they had; no special abilities except what the weapons offered you around the map. Fast forward to Reach... you spawn with an armor ability. That makes all the difference, so what am I doing? Abusing melee and armor ability combinations. Why? Because everything seems to be very balanced in Reach, especially the pistol. I like to be unique. I leave you with my Reach service record which says it all:

      Out of 10 games I've only got 1 negative K/D spread and an average kill distance of about one... lol.


      Haloacl said...

      That is funny as hell. Always can count on you to do something unique. Intresting read and I'm even more exicited for Monday.

      Note: Damnit Azn you lucky bastard.

      Prod said...

      Can't wait to join you on Monday.

      I found your service record amusing.

      Anonymous said...

      Hey Update your blog more instead of playing transformers, reach is in 2 months!