1. Back into the Groove

      written by Ray Benefield
      Well now that RP is back online I have gotten tons of great feedback from everyone and many are glad to see it back. I appreciate everyone's support. Surprisingly a lot of you have started sharing the link on Facebook which is awesome and I thank the lot of you. Today's post is still just working back into the blog posting groove, but tomorrow we will get into the meat and potatoes of the blog. For what's to come... read on.

      Communities Galore

      So the closer Halo: Reach gets the more people there are getting prepared by starting communities, changing communities, and just getting active in general in communities. One that may have a chance and has some good leadership is The Guardianz. Sadly they are a bungie.net private group, and many of you know how that works out. For those that don't, they are really restrictive in their ways and hard to manage. Hopefully they keep things going strong, I will be helping them out where I can. Another community that I strongly suggest you guys take a look at is The Custom Experience. The were previously known as The Cutting Edge while in BNet group status. Now they have moved on to the new and improved vBulletin 4 forum software. I know several of the members there and I feel that if they steer the right way they will be quite successful. Here's hoping... I will be helping out there as much as possible as well. Oh and put GodlyPerfection as your referrer if you do join ;).

      Remakes of my past

      So I have been asked by several people about what gametypes and maps I will be remaking come Halo: Reach. Here is a bit of a heads up for my guaranteed remakes. Not all of them of course. First of all I am obviously remaking Conquest, my baby. I plan on taking a close look at v5 (by gunnergrunt and other conquest fanatics) and v4 to get a good idea on what I need to build as the base setup. For my first map I am definitely rebuilding Helix because I thoroughly enjoy its layout and I could not do what I wanted to in Halo 3 due to a lack of budget and objects. For almost sure things on the gametypes part I am definitely planning on remaking Squads, In the Shadows, and Hot Potato. As for maps, possibly a Ravinia remake, but I have to talk to Bluedevil about that one. Mario Tower is definitely an easy map and concept to rebuild so probably that. Oh and how could I forget Paradox if randomization still works. Are there any other favorites that you would like me to take a look at and remake? Comment and let me know.

      Level Design Lessons

      Alright so for today's final topic I have been working on several level design articles behind the scenes. I have attempted to start a series of articles in the past all of them have fallen short. But with Reach I have new motivation. I am farther along with this than I have been with past projects. Tomorrow I will be posting the first lesson. Something I would appreciate from you guys is a good possible name for the series. I was thinking something along the lines of Forging with Perfection. Something possibly with my name in it as a branding, or something along the lines of level design or improving your maps. Comment with your suggestions. Like I said look out for tomorrow when I post the first lesson. Thanks for all your guys' support and feel free to retweet and share on Facebook. :) Advertising for the win! Til tomorrow peepz...


      Bartoge said...

      What about...
      The Godly Technique
      Designing Perfection
      (like forging with perfection, but since its not only applicable to forging, you could say designing)
      actually thats all I have.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Oooo those are good I likey. Damn now I'm not sure which I should use... expect a poll soon on this lol.

      Prod said...

      Forging to perfection?
      Forged to perfection?

      Anyway, can't wait for those sweet sweet potatoes.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Keep note that a couple of the lessons will be redundant with articles I have done in the past. You may learn something new from the new version of them or it may become clearer when you read the new version.

      GD27 BlueDevil said...

      I can confirm a Ravinia remake. But I will be realistic: My 1st map that I am focasing on is an arena MLG map that has a great concept. Next, I would like to create my "U" shaped MLG CTF map, but at it's current state in design developement, I am unsure how much I like it. So Ravinia will be my 2nd or 3rd project in Reach, depending on my "U" shaped CTF map.

      I would definately want to collaborate with you on it because my focus is in MLG map creating right now(which will probably not include AA's) and I will not be experienced when making a default map.

      Anonymous said...

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