1. Conquest Info

      written by Ray Benefield
      Well things are going great for the blog right now. I just posted my twelfth forge lesson yesterday and felt that it is now time to start offering it to communities to feature on their sites. If you want to see the series featured at your favorite community make sure you contact your community leaders and let them know that you want it. I've contacted a couple already. Also the big movement towards getting Conquest into matchmaking is in motion. This will be a huge step for all community custom gametypes. Read on to learn more...

      It takes Two

      So first things first, I wanted to introduce all of you to GunnerGrunt. If you do not know who this guy is, well it's time you learn. GunnerGrunt was once the winner of the first major Conquest forging challenge held at Forgehub. I have taught him almost all that I know about Conquest and he has been helping me assist many forgers in perfecting their Conquest maps ever since. After that he pushed a huge movement forward to try to get Conquest into matchmaking in Halo 3... but alas, it was too late at that point. But now we move forward, Halo: Reach is coming and we have a whole new chance to try again. Why am I introducing you to sir GunnerGrunt, you may ask? Because GunnerGrunt is now being given Co-Designer of Conquest. That's right... Conquest is now 50% his and he will be working with myself and all of you closely to make Conquest the best that it can be. Everyone wish him a congratulations because for all his hard work he has earned it.

      Incoming Changes

      So a new game engine means a new Conquest. In the past there have been multiple arguments about the differences between Conquest v3 and Conquest v4. For those that don't know v3 featured regular damage resistance while v4 (the current version) features 75% weapon damage. Some felt that normal damage resistance was important to keeping things familiar to new players while others felt that the lowered weapon damage was important for survival since you are being shot by multiple people all the time. Well we are hoping to find a good medium with Reach. We will be doing our best to keep weapon damage normal for Conquest in Reach to satisfy the fans of v3. For the fans of v4 we are speeding up the shield recharge rate and replacing the Sniper Rifle with the Focus Rifle to support the survival aspect of Conquest. Normal damage is more manageable in reach seeing as weapons now take slightly longer to kill (BR took 4 shots, DMR takes 5). Faster recharge rate rewards players who take cover and receive cover fire from their teammates allowing them to recharge their shields and enter back into the fray faster. The change of the Sniper is important. The sniper on normal damage settings allowed one player to constantly us one headshot to kill one opponent. This is overpowering in Conquest because of the linear nature... we also encourage teamwork not lone wolves. So the Focus Rifle is a perfect replacement since it is damage over time rather than one shot one kill, allowing us to keep close to our normal damage. The sniper was the main cause of complaints for v4 since it didn't naturally kill with one headshot. This removes those complaints.

      Conquest General Info

      Well there is a ton of work to be done in preparation for this motion. If you are planning on assisting in map design or playtesting and you haven't signed up yet please take your time to go post a comment on the Conquest in Reach Matchmaking post. If you are already signed up you should have received a friend request from the gamertag ConquestInReach. If you haven't add it yourself. This will be how I contact all of you for playtesting, how you will submit your maps, and how you will get updated with Conquest info. Also if you are map designing take the time to read the full Conquest gametype description and GunnerGrunt's Conquest Guide. And now if you look in the menu bar on this site you can find a new Conquest page next to the Lessons button. This page will be updated with ways to submit your maps for playtesting and review, access the Conquest map archive, signup for Conquest-ish events, find Conquest guides, and pretty much do anything else with Conquest.

      Supporting the Movement

      Finally if you want to show your support for Conquest in Matchmaking you can use one of the many signatures that GunnerGrunt has collected for the Conquest in Matchmaking movement and link it to the Conquest page with the following url: http://www.reachingperfection.com/p/conquest.html. Or you can use several of them and just have it randomize with a site called Sign Avatar. Here is the MASSIVE gallery of signatures to choose from again courtesy of GunnerGrunt and friends (click on it for the original size):


      Legolum said...

      Love the banners. I'll add them to some of my profiles on halo-related sites.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Love them, great. Their in my sig now :0! Can't wait to see it in action

      Legolum said...

      Thanks for playtesting my map today. You gave me your opinion on it without being a complete ass about it, and really inspired me to edit it up a bit (: Still has alot of work ahead of it though. Its a good pass time for when I'm waiting for reach, plus I need practice in making conquest maps. Conquest has turned into my favorite gametype within 5 days, I plan to get better at forging it.

      PS. I forgot 70% of the stuff you said about my map o.o, I get distracted to easily.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Of course bro no problem. The one thing that made me different from the other guilders at Forgehub was that I actually took the time to work with the community instead of be better than them lol. Anyways, I will definitely go over it with you more. Don't worry about forgetting most of the stuff. Just remember to re-look over the lessons as a sort of checklist. It should help you out quite a bit. The main issues were related to smooth spawning, eye catching, and spawn perspectives. After you smooth that out I will help you with the Conquest specific tips.

      And glad you guys like the sigs... but don't thank me, thank GunnerGrunt for collecting them.

      Immortal6 said...

      I love the new sigs, ill add one later to some of my profiles. cant wait for conquest in reach, we will dominate customs and matchmaking, forward on!

      Waylander said...

      I've finished my map for Conquest but I still need to place weapons, do you have an exact weapons list for it yet or is it still just the rough summary on this page?

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I do have an exact weapons list for it now. There are no longer power weapons in Conquest. That means no more explosives, snipers, or focus rifles. The current human weapons available are magnums, DMRs, and ARs (however ARs are in a loadout as a starting weapon). The current covenant weapons are needle rifles, plasma rifles, plasma pistols, plasma repeaters, and spikers (plasma repeaters are also in a loadout). There are currently no grenades in Conquest for a reason I will cover on Monday in the map creation guide. Use those weapons for now. When you are ready to playtest send me a msg on XBL and I will get you setup bro. Don't forget to follow the spawn perspective concepts in the Forge Lessons to smooth out combat as well as static perspectives for loadout cameras which will be the lesson I post very soon today.