1. Going Underground

      written by Ray Benefield
      Let us celebrate that we are 29 days away from the great release of Halo: Reach. This momentous occasion will prove to be very rewarding to many individuals. I look forward to seeing all of the great content that you guys bring to the Halo universe. I too will be building fun games that I hope all of you enjoy. But I am going to do something a little different from my Halo 3 forging career. I'm going underground...

      My reputation precedes me

      So I have been told by many people that I did not earn my so called popularity. That I have just been leeching off of those around me. Starting with TrueDarkFusion and his starting of Forgehub all the way through working with GunnerGrunt on Helix. Many do not think that I earned or deserve my spot as a level designer. Some feel that I have just hitched a ride on the bandwagon and just so happened to get noticed. So I am going to change how I approach my works of art. I am officially announcing that all things that I release will be designed, built, tested, released, and advertised fully by myself and myself alone.

      What this means

      So what does this entail? I will not be releasing any of my content on any community site. This is the only place that I will officially advertise my gametypes and maps. I no longer want to get "lucky" and get noticed because of the name that is attached to the map/gametype thread. If my content gets popular it will get popular the old fashion way. I will share it with friends and hopefully if they enjoy it enough they will share it with their friends and it will continue. If those who play the map do not deem it worthy to pass on, then I can do better and I will do better. So all of my content will get popular based on me earning it. I will not be "given" attention with some feature on some forging site just because of the bias of a few people. If you like it you share it the old fashion way.

      Earning my pride

      All of you know me as quite the egotistical guy. Well I want to prove to everyone that I have earned that. I want to show the world what I can do with no assistance first before I can be trusted as a co-designer. I will no longer be known as a "Talentless hack just leeching off of other's popularity." I am going to rough it out and make my chance at popularity more difficult than those who try to post on community sites. I feel bad for those that never get noticed, but have great maps. Maybe with one less popular guy taking your glory you will receive the attention you deserve Mr. Unknown Designer. I step out of the way to allow you to step forward. I will continue to teach and release fun content for everyone, but I will not pursue advertising and publicly showing off myself as much as I once did. I will only show off my work in game and through friends that are close to me. If they see my works as valuable pieces of fun to share, then I have succeeded in my job to provide the community with fun and happiness.

      The new possibilities

      So looking on the bright side of things, because I will not be putting focus into advertising or anything like that I will be able to bring all of you more quality content. There are those out there who feel that they need to rush their maps and testing in order to get their pieces of content out fast but not nearly as good as it could be. I give you my word that I will be releasing my content as early as possible for a completely different reason. The sooner I release it the sooner I get feedback from you to improve upon it. Expect all of my content to have constant updates to keep them improving. A good level designer is not afraid to go back and fix what is wrong. It helps them learn and helps them improve that which is already great. So all that time I could be spending advertising I will instead spend having fun with you guys, building fun things to play, and improving those fun things to play to make them the best that I can possibly make. Keep an eye out for the last updated date in the description of all my stuff in my fileshare to always have the latest in fun. Hope you guys understand what I am trying to do here and I hope that you guys support me as much as I will support you. And I hope that all of us have a blast come Reach. Lesson 8 is out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

      Btw this does mean that I will no longer be updating any other sites with lessons or anything else. I will only be a community member in those sites. No more online advertising for me. So if you really want to keep reading these lessons then you will continue reading them of your own accord. I hope you do and I hope you share with those you feel could benefit from anything on this site. Peace peepz.


      GD27 BlueDevil said...

      So the next Ravinia won't be posted on FH or XF? That was my understanding. (which I am find with BTW)

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Hmmm... Different... I don't think tha you just "hitched on". You have definately earned it. Its just there are too many ignorants idiots who don't relise that you DESIGN maps and not just sit their to get noticed. I bet aot of people saying this have seen that almost all your work is co-forged but there too stupid to read that the co-forger simply made the map while you designed it... Some people are just ignorant. We need a website that is only populated by good people kindof like TCE. Something more like a small community rather than a big website. We would have to do something to get people to be more active.

      Prod said...

      I think this is a mistake.

      You're going to go from a good ammout of attention, to only getting attention from Bart and i, how is that helping this grow?

      If anything you whould be posting as much as you can, and if people like your designs, referr them over here so they can be as good.

      The few ignorant individuals who have daid that won't like it whatever you do. I say get your stuff out there.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I just won't be advertising on other sites and online. I will still do the old school way of chilling with friends and then advertising this with friends when in custom games. If they like my maps then they will come otherwise they won't. And I don't care too much for the attention, it's obnoxious. If it is worthy of getting popular it will get popular the exact same way as FH started out as just a blog not advertising anywhere. All they did was post their maps on BNet and eventually people found their wordpress. So if I loose attention then it is because this is not worth seeing for the masses. If I gain attention then it is because it is worth seeing and friends are naturally sharing it with other people. From my friend base that I have now, I'm sure there are those that do feel this is important for people to know and there are those who don't. Those that do feel like it is important to know will send their friends this way. I have faith in everyone who trusts in my designs. They will share it with those that will enjoy it.

      Bartoge said...

      I don't know if this will work. I mean, there are always going to be the people that are ignorant, and those people you can't make them see reason. In addition, while not advertising, I think that you might be putting your hands into the fate of people even more,cause if someone finds your map and is famous, then they tell everyone to download it, and there you are again with people saying you are riding on others fame.

      I know you earn what you get, and if you think this will help you prove it to others then go for it. Don't let anyone discourage you if you think its best.

      One last thing, when you say test your maps by yourself, how will that work? Do you really mean with you and maybe your wife, or do you mean that you will be the only one hosting testing sessions and getting feedback. Like you would use the Testers Guild or something.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Getting advertised by those that are popular and actually building with someone how is popular gives a completely different impression, so I am fine with that. I don't care if my stuff gets popular or not, just that if it does then it earns it the old fashion way. As far as testing, of course I'm not testing by myself. lol... I meant that I will be the only one hosting sessions to get real feedback.

      I do think this will help my self confidence and self-esteem. And if I am not spending time advertising on sites then I can spend more time making better things. I can't be doing forge lessons, advertising my site/content/forge lessons in multiple communities, make fun content, and continue testing and updating all of my maps constantly to make sure they are all top of the line.