1. Site Plans

      written by Ray Benefield
      Reach is inching ever closer and with that I am trying to decide what direction I am going to take with this site. Tons of people have commented that they love the addition of the Forge Lessons. However I would love to make this site a regular visit site for everyone and with that I want to add several things to the site's normal workings to bring more interest and to make people want to check back more frequently.

      My Content

      This seems like a pretty obvious addition to the site. I will be adding a "My Content" section to the menu so that you can find all of my things in one place from gametypes like Conquest to maps like Helix. When I am ready to release something I will just post a full content post for that something in addition to or in place of the post for that day. That way if multiple pages have to link to Conquest they link to the Conquest post rather than a Conquest page. Sadly blogger has a 10 page limit so I can't just make a new webpage for every thing that I make.

      Standard Gametypes

      Most of you know this already, but I am a HUGE supporter of the creation of Standard Gametypes. Basically gametypes that are setup so that they may be played with a variety of maps rather than just one specific one. Conquest, Asset, Battletracks, etc. are all good examples of standard gametypes. All standard gametypes will get its own content post just like my maps and stuff get (obviously the author will be on these posts). In this post it will explain the whole gametype; history, versions, concepts, strategies, how to build a map for it, etc. I will also keep an archive of maps that I approve for the gametype and I think are best for the gametype. So if you build an awesome gametype that you think could be a standard gametype I will have some special way for you to contact me and propose it to me so I can advertise it on the site. The same deal will go for maps for standard gametypes... you will just contact me with the proposed map and I will check it out and add it to the gametype's approved map section.

      Favorite Content

      And then this will be like just a personal "featured" content ordeal. If I find some fascinating gametype or map I will end up posting it on here as well and there will be a page to see all of the content that I have favorited. While it may be kind of self centered this is a way for people to get their content noticed. All you have to do to get your content favorited is play some custom games with me often. If I like what I play I will post it as a favorite piece of content.

      Tagging System Challenges

      So while listening to the Forge World vidoc the talk of the tagging system inspired me. I thought that the tagging system would be a great thing to use to find content related to RP. However if the site got popular enough then all someone would have to do is add the RP tag to their map to give it attention. So while an RP related tag would have been cool it would have easily been abused if someone really wanted to. So instead I came up with the idea of hosting contests/challenges and using a unique tag that I give you to "submit" your submissions. Basically I post a contest to say make a really cool and innovative gametype using Assault settings. Then I would tell you that in order to submit your gametype all you have to do is add the "RPCONTEST16" tag to your map on your fileshare. That is all you have to do. The advantages for this are pretty nice:

      • You no longer have to go back to your computer to put in your submissions. Just tag your content and I will find it by just searching for anything with the contest's tag.
      • Anyone that knows the tag for the contest can look at other submissions in the contest if they would like to size up the competition.
      • There will be no judgement based on some screenshots or a map post. It will be all based on the actual content and you will be judged on even ground with the competition. No feeling the need to perfect your submission post.

      Obviously I will have some way to deal with multiple entries, but this allows you to not have to put in any extra effort for contests like making a map post and replying to some submission thread. All you have to do is read the initial post, build your shit, and post it to your fileshare with the appropriate tag. It is really that simple. So no excuses for not submitting anything :P. Anyways today's post was quite long so I'm ending it here... tomorrow is Forge Lesson 4. Stay tuned peepz.


      Haloacl said...

      All the site changes look good. Now for the contests, that looks phenominal. Although it will be competetive, it will bring out some pretty good maps for players who are and arent great at forging. I look forward to seeing contests after the reach opening.

      Great idea Godly.

      Prod said...

      I think all of these are great steps forward.

      I'm glad that the word is spreading quick enough for this to be considered big enough to have featured content and competetitions.

      Oh, and in the last paragraph you said "replaying" when i think you meant "replying". Just a heads up.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Good catch Prod... and glad you like the ideas. I'm hoping this site stays pretty well-known. It should be much better as soon as Reach is out and I can start advertising a bit better. I plan on offering to help people out and then inviting them over here so they can learn more and stuff. And Halo I look forward to seeing you in the competitions as well :P.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      I have a quite interesting gametype that might work for standard. It's called Koth Destruction. Basically theres a 4 minute time limit, you lose 2 points for every second out of the hill and gain 10 for each second in the hill, you gain 5 while contesting, and 5 for killing. It is a pretty fast paced game and can become really hectic. The idea of losing points encourages players to get to the hill as fast as they can so they don't lose points. I have 4 different version, the time limit is the only difference though. If you want a link tell me, it's on my file share.

      Good Idea.

      Sotha said...

      Well, I suppose I will just have to start commenting on your posts more often from now on. (But I have been reading them!) I like the changes you have planned. They should give people so much more reason to actually visit here every so often.

      The Your Content section is an obvious addition (there really isn't anything to say about it). I do like Standard Gametypes (even though you forgot to mention Agents), and even if it sounds pretentious, I also like the idea of your approving of the maps for those games. Just please don't get too strict. Of course, I also think that there should be an area for people to suggest/submit games for consideration to become Standard Gametypes (and maybe for Favoured Content as well).

      Although, for Favoured Content, I would prefer for there to be some way to make it a community vote like in XF... Maybe if you made a voting post with five games you liked, and people commented on which they would want favoured (esp. if you could make all comments on those posts visible to only yourself, so it would essentially be a blind poll).

      And of course, the Tagging System Challenges. Those sound like a wonderful idea. I like that it should be able to remove much of the external bias from the judging. Of course I would still like for it to be a more democratic decision. Perhaps if you played all the entries in multiple parties, and each juror voted once for their favourite game... or something like that. I don't know. Just a suggestion.

      One major thing about the tagging system for entering games into your contests is the description, or more precisely, how the games' creators are to be able to communicate how to actually play their games (the more complicated ones at least) without actual threads to explain them in.

      Eric said...

      Looking at forge world and the return of ascension, maybe we will see a resurgence of the TOP gametype (Tower of Power), which was fun back in the day as a sort of break from the standard slayer and what not, and at some point maybe you will hold a contest for maps centered around this classic gametype, I sure as hell will be using your lessons for all my future reach projects I have in mind.

      P.S. I think you should allow us to edit our posts if possible as I hate when I post to find out I left out words that make the idea lost.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Sotha for the Tagging System Challenges, I haven't quite figured out exactly how I am going to judge them but I will be working on it to make it as fair as I possibly can. As for the whole how to play their maps/games I will figure out a way, but for the most part challenges may be focused around one particular gametype in order to keep it simple and keep everyone on equal playing ground.

      And Eric, I'm not sure how popular TOP would get in Halo Reach, but if it does you can guarantee that I will be making it a standard gametype to go along with the rest of them. And if I could allow you to edit your comments I would, sadly that is a downfall of the system. I believe it is because commenting does not have to be by a designated account. So how would you attach an anonymous comment securely to the appropriate user without an account system?

      May I ask what your gamertag is Eric? I have asked several to view my blog personally and I can't quite put my finger on which friend you might be.