1. [Guest] Height Manipulation: Part 3

      written by Ray Benefield
      Another semi-day off for me. Today I'm going to let Bartoge finish off his Height Manipulation theory. If you haven't read part 1 or part 2, then I suggest you go check them out. This will be Bart's third guest theory article and he will now be the first to be added to the authors of Reaching Perfection. Everyone wish him a congratulations. Cerberus only needs one more theory and GunnerGrunt will be posting up some of us soon. Also don't know if you noticed or not, but I added a fancy new comment system. I finally got it to work and imported all of the old comments. I hope you guys enjoy this. Also we have a ton of new readers here at RP welcome them with open arms. They are now here because I have finally posted the Forge Lessons on the BNet public reach forums. If you are interested in supporting these lessons, please feel free to intellectually bump the thread by adding your testimonial of how you think the Forge Lessons are. Here is the Forge Lessons BNet thread index so you can support the cause. See you guys tomorrow for lesson 20. ;)

      Height Manipulation: Part 3

      By: Bartoge

      So, now you know what the kinds of height are, what to avoid, and you’re wondering how this has helped you. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is a theory, not a guide. There is no guide to implementing heights into maps, because every map has a different design that uses heights to achieve different kinds of lines of sights. There are as many different ways to implement height variation as there are map designs, which means infinity. So while I can’t offer you a step by step guide on how to implement height variation, I can give you some advice on what kind to use depending on how you want your map to play.

      The Competitive Drop

      Drop heights are generally a lot more competitive in nature. And when I say competitive, I mean MLG pro competitive. Drop heights are in terms of straight lines. This makes it a much more stable environment when playing because you height isn’t constantly changing which makes the gameplay more controlled by you, and super competitive players hate it when their environment goes against them when fighting, even when they may be the better skilled player. So, when working on MLG type maps, its best to stick to mainly drop heights, because they tend to let the player be in control more than rolling heights could offer.

      The Semi-Competitive Roll

      Roll heights are less competitive in nature than drop heights. Where drop heights could be compared by being used in ranked matches, rolling heights would be used in social matches (I am referring to the ranked and social matches from Bungie’s matchmaking). They allow players who aren’t uber pro to be challenged by the constant change in heights. This takes more of the control of the gameplay out of the players hands and puts it into the maps purpose, which is what a lot of social competitive people are happy with, because they still want that competitive feeling, but since they can’t do fancy jumping or strafing, the map has to do it for them.

      The Review

      Lets quickly go over everything we’ve talked about. There are two reasons for height variation which derive from the reasons why people jump. They are:

      • Jumping allows you to suddenly be somewhere else
      • Jumping gives you a height advantage

      From these two reasons come two height types:

      • Drop Height: similar to a cliff
      • Rolling Height: similar to a hill

      There are 3 problems people can run into when working with heights.

      1. Too Much Height
      2. Too Tall Height
      3. Combining Heights: The Stutter

      Each Height works best for different types of game styles.

      • Drop Height = MLG Competitive style
      • Rolling Height = social matchmaking competitive style

      That is the end of my theory. I would like to say that this is a theory, which means none of it is rigid and always right. There can be an exception to the rule, and generally if you find that exception, then you have innovation which is great in its own aspect. So, while you can stay and follow these simple guidelines, don’t be afraid to try something that goes against what this says, for if it is fun, it is a winner.


      Matt27gd said...

      Would an example of drop heights be the sniper tower on The Pit and the top of the rooms on Damnation?

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Bartoge covers that in his first post here: Height Manipulation Part 1. But to answer your question... yes.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Bartoge covers that in his first post here: Height Manipulation Part 1. But to answer your question... yes.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Nice lesson, Bartoge. How come I never see you posting here?

      Also, I don't quite like the new comment system, It is too complicated. I liked it much better when it was a lot simpler. Now, your making it look like facebook. Facebook is gay, nuff said. The new buttons look good, as in the colors of the post/reply bars.

      I say, Get rid of all of the facebook looking things, but keep the reply button. That one may stay. But, again.. Facebook is gay, please don't convert this site to facebook style. Sorry If I am sounding harsh.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      What facebook looking things? You mean like the like and dislike buttons? Or the sign it capabilities? The fact that you can sign in with different accounts will help people post comments the old system was too difficult. Also with the like and dislike system I can setup a popular threads widget. This one also allows you to reply with email and reply to each other's comments and keep the conversation threaded. Also this system comes with the chance to edit your posts as well as edit you own profile. If you build a profile through the system you can setup an avatar and everything and it keeps track of everything you have done on the site... how many comments you have posted, how many people like your comments etc.

      There is a lot of advantages to this system and I think you should really try to get used to it first Flashpoint. :P Also since you are a regular poster you should look into actually signing it and editing your profile so it is personalized just for you and keeps track of everything for you. Also this stuff is much easier to moderate as well. Especially since I can now ban IPs.

      Bartoge said...

      This is more of a post to test the new comment system, since I can't post of something I wrote.

      I would try to find a way to make the comments section less cluttered. Like above the box, theres like 5 buttons that are all different colors that completely dont match the rest of the sites color scheme. Maybe if you could just do a drop down bar after the optional login instead of having all the buttons.

      Also, can you not log in using a Blogger account? If you can, i can't figure it out.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I can remove those buttons, but those are there so that you can login. Once you login you no longer see those buttons. And Blogger is part of the Open ID system. Click on Open ID and you will login just fine bro. You will also never see those buttons again and it will keep track of all your comments.

      And I have to go invite you as an author. PM me your blogger email address on XForgery so I can add you.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Oh and Flashpoint if you pick an account to login in with you no longer have to see those buttons ever again. It will keep you logged in and you can post as yourself all the time. I suggest you click the Disqus button, make an account and attach it to your youtube email account. Then once you login through Disqus you can go to (edit profile) next to your username on the Post a Comment box and you can change your "Real Name" to IxFlashPointxI and that will be your display name. That way you don't have to use two separate emails and you can still keep your username. See this system is better for you Flashpoint :P.

      Bartoge said...

      All right. I sent it to you and am going to try and get blogger account working.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      I can't find the login button for blogger... May I have the location of this said button.

      Bartoge said...

      I post here. The two lessons before yesterdays I posted long annecdotal stories about how I had like just recently used those lessons topics in Desistance. And I generally try to post on Goldy's non-lesson stuff, cause he generally has something about the site or a question or something.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Nevermind, I found the button.

      BadCompany Brik said...

      Good lesson. I try to avoid drop heights on principle because they're either one way or awkward, but I usually end up having to use them anyway because I can't Forge rolling heights where I need them. I guess that'll change in Reach.

      But I particularly enjoyed this series because height is my favorite aspect of forging and Halo. Height becomes ridiculously overpowering in most other games because of fast kill times and "realistic" (read: small in a really dull way) jump heights, whereas in Halo you can use them as a dynamic to base your entire map on.

      Anyway, good lesson, and I hope there's more about height that can be posted here in the future.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I will probably be covering height differentiation in the future as an official lesson. Though I do enjoy Bart's take on it which is why I allowed him to post it. Bart you have done a great job and you have earned your author position.