1. Lesson 24: Advertising

      written by Ray Benefield
      Wow... it is late ain't it? I've been quite busy this week so I apologize for missing a post yesterday. The good news is that Conquest is coming along nicely and will be ready for its release on Friday. Are you spreading the word? Speaking of spreading the word today's topic is one of the most requested topics that I have had. So today I begin a series of articles related to advertising and learning how you can get your maps and gametypes popular. I hope you enjoy this series. I have personally used all of these techniques to get you to read these lessons. The word is spreading about them right? You are one of now hundreds reading these lessons. It's time I teach you some of my tricks and reveal some of my shenanigans. ;) If I can get you to read these lessons, then you can get people to play your map. Trust me...

      So you’ve been reading all of the previous lessons and now you are prepped and ready to go. You feel you’ve got a great map that follows many of the principles of level design that you have learned. You go to play your map and realize that you have no one to playtest it with you. You post your map on the forums and receive little to no replies on your map. Remember the whole deal about if a player can’t find something on your map then it might as well not exist? Well if players can’t find your map then… well, it might as well not exist right? For those demented ones out there do not relate this to suicide. Grrr…

      Spreading the word

      You’ve got your beautiful creation… now you have to spread the word. You have got to share it to the world. Just like anything else that you can possibly make you have to advertise what you have created. Whether it is a new map, a new game mode, a new game, a new community, a new shower head, etc. you need to show what you have created to people who will enjoy it. Everyone has their own way of advertising, some better than others. Some spam every person they possibly can on the internet. Some pay hundreds to get some popular hangout to advertise them. Advertising is a big part of becoming successful and I’m going to share my secrets of success to you, my faithful reader. And my tricks work. Don’t believe me? You are reading these lessons aren’t you?

      Advertising is everything

      Think about how you found these lessons. I will be honest with you my friends. You fell for my advertisement tricks. There was something that I did successfully to get you to read this right here and now. You are one of hundreds and maybe even thousands of people reading what I have to say. But why are you reading this? What did I do to draw you in? Who was it that introduced these to you? How did I bring you here to ReachingPerfection.com? But it isn’t just me who has fooled you. Do you have a favorite news channel? There is a reason that you watch it over other news channels. How about a favorite restaurant? How did you find that restaurant? Why do you like it over all of the other ones? Now how do you get people to play your map? How do you get people to enjoy your map better than Joe over there? Advertising is a skill that is used in everything. It’s time somebody let you in on the tricks of the trade.

      It’s not about you

      The most important thing to remember is that in order to get people to experience your content you have to forget that it is all about getting your content popular. Nobody truly cares about what is in it for you. They care about what is in it for them. The trick to successful advertising is giving, not receiving. Learn to give and eventually you will receive. People want to know what you have to offer them. Before people will give your map a chance you have to give them something they want. If you are only focused on getting your map popular then you will fail. However if you are focused on offering your help, time, services, and whatever else you have to offer they will give back to you. So the first rule about advertising is learning to not be selfish and learn to give rather than receive. If you do this, then you will receive advertising naturally.


      Neo_Arkitect said...

      How to make a popular map.

      Step 1 - Make something awesome.

      Step 2 - Add antenna's....lots and lots of antenna's.

      Step 3 - Is it pretty enough? Good, now double the size of your map for no fucking reason and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE SURE YOU ANTENNA THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

      Step 4 - Write your name in blocks in some obscure part of the map.

      Step 5 - Make sure the map works for infection AND NOTHING ELSE.

      Step 6 - post on bnet with the most popular tags, which coincidentally have nothing to do with anything, and watch the masses come.

      anANGRYkangaroo said...

      Just noticed your forum topic on Bnet for all your Forge lessons has been "stickied", which means it is in a little sidebar of the TOP forum topics for Reach, and will stay on the first page. Congratz! Linkage -> http://www.bungie.net/Forums/topics.aspx?forumID=304365

      BadCompany Brik said...

      @Neo_Arkitect: Step 4... I did promise Godly I would write out where the power weapons are on my first map with blocks. Unfortunately my first map was a mini-game that doesn't require weapon pickups...

      And Step 6, the most popular tags have everything to do with Urk's Tag and Releases. Elite, which wasn't mentioned in the top tags, became number one by a long shot when Urk posted the first one.

      Godly, I was expecting a bit more... that seemed so simple. And so obvious. How do you advertise without giving? "Play this map and shout my name from the top of mountains?"

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Nice sticky godly.