1. Lesson 26: Nurturing

      written by Ray Benefield
      Another lesson, another day. Well you pretty much know what is going on if you have been reading recently. I think I have Tactics at a very stable state of playtesting so now I am just going to work on a specific map just for it and wait for the KOTH Sequential fix to make it perfect. I plan on taking some time to finish Helix finally because I have word that bungie is going to be hunting down matchmaking maps fairly soon and are still ironing out their new process for submission. The more playtesting a map gets the better so it's time I start playtesting. For the site expect me to start sharing some of my favorite content to my readers. If you want your content recognized it is probably a good idea to start getting active around here so you can get in some custom game rooms with me and play some games of your content with me so I can find your stuff. Also I am finalizing how I am going to approach that classwork type stuff for applying the lessons that you are reading. So expect that to come out soon. And I plan on starting a new series of commonly asked forge questions tomorrow so come back to read those. You may learn something that you didn't know that may help in the future. Enjoy today's lesson and spread the word folks. Don't stop advertising the site or the lessons. Keep it up. ;) Next lesson will be out Saturday/Sunday.

      Have you ever taken the time to tell someone that you love their work and that you can’t wait to see more? Well if you have, how many times has that person gotten back to you personally? How much more excited are you for their product when you get that personal message back saying that they thank you for your support? How much more willing are you to share that person’s work with your friends? That person just scored themselves’ more credibility.

      What it means to nurture

      Nurturing is the act or process of developing a person. It is bringing them up and developing them into something else. As a designer your goal is to nurture your fans from being casual fans to hardcore fans that will likely spread your creation. Casual fans just like your product and when they see it they will likely download it. Hardcore fans on the other hand, will take the time to spread the word because they feel that your work is worthy of others to experience. While casual fans are important, they are not what make the difference in advertising. Hardcore fans will get the word out that you have something new out and the casual fans will hear the word and download it. Hardcore fans will advertise for you. The more you have, the less you have to advertise, and the more time you can spend on working on new amazing content for your fans to enjoy.

      The way of nurturing

      Nurturing fans can be done in various ways. If I receive a comment on one of my creations I take the time to personally message that user and let them know that their opinion does matter to me. If someone asks for my help I do my best to take the time out of my day to try to work with them. Because I am giving back to them my credibility is raised in their eyes and they are more likely to come back and ask for more help and more likely to help advertise my works. As you get more popular though it becomes harder and harder to nurture all of your fans. At that point you have to take the time to decide who to help and for how long. If you spend too much time nurturing you won’t have any time to finish any of your works and you will start losing fans that are waiting for content. However if you spend too much time making content then you lose that strong advertisement base and the time you spend trying to get your future works out doubles. It is a difficult balance to find and one that you can only find through years of experience.

      Always respond

      If you do not have time to nurture every person that comes to you or every person that enjoys your work at least take a little bit of time to acknowledge them. Something is better than nothing and most people will understand that you are busy and will still take the time to look out for your work or wait until you are less busy to ask you for help. Never leave a person hanging because the same way that one person can make you popular, one person can bring you down. You never know who will do what for or to you so never let something just slide by. Nurturing has been one of the best advertisement strategies that I have used to get my content out there, including these lessons. Don’t under estimate the power of personal and direct interaction. Remember that your time is money and giving it to others means a lot to them. Invest in your fans and future.


      Noklu said...

      So, we count as your 'hardcore' fans?
      And, when you get Helix up to an optimal stage would you like it to be posted (sans reachingperfection advertisements) on Forgehub, but with your GT?

      And the 'sequential fix' for KOTH. What exactly will that change?

      DriedMoss said...

      We feel nutured already.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Yes you guys do and you guys rock! ;) I wouldn't get anywhere without your guys' support. Also as for you posting helix I am definitely cool with that bro. It should be ready for playtesting very soon. Also Noklu I need to make some room on my friends list for you. You are like the only regular reader I don't have on my friends list. lol...

      As for the sequential fix it will fix Tactics and make it equal turn taking rather than randomized, cuz the randomized causes some people to get more turns than others.

      Noklu said...

      As I'm an Aussie, I find that being on American friends list tends not to work out as the time differences...You're welcome to make room if you wish or if you have a XBL friend who is inactive (or dead >.>).

      Another annoying thing about time zones is that I only get about 10 hours to do a daily challenge. Damn you time zones. Damn you.

      Also, can't the KOTH be set so its in a specific order?

      Neo_Arkitect said...

      I'm commenting on your article. That means you have to respond to me.

      DO IT BITCH!

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Yes the hills can be set to a specific order, however if you set the gametype to select the hills sequentially it still does it randomly... it is currently bugged and we are awaiting a fix.

      And Neo this is my response to you ;). lol... :P

      Legolum said...

      Godly, if you don't finish helix within the day then you will lose a loyal fan! :0

      anyway, Last night while I was waiting for you I spent 3 hours building a minigame map... Wanna test it today, so make sure you got a good selection of chickens for me to play with (:

      anANGRYkangaroo said...

      Im a hardcore fan tooooooooooooooo... Im just usually on my iPod for internetz and disqus doesnt work... But ive been workin on a few maps while offline, anyone care to drop by and check 'em out when I get back online?

      I got a headhunter map that is essentially a funnel, and all the skulls fall down the funnel into a pile at the bottom, where everyone fights for their possible skullmanjaro, only to climb back up the map and drop them all down the funnel again :)

      Prod said...

      I've been doing this since day 1 and i noticed a little while ago that you do too.

      I would appreciate it if you could help me with my minigame map when it's at the testing stage. I want it to be the best it could possibly be. I'll show you what i have so far if you have time.

      It's funny because if you don't as of this post you'll be a contradictory bastard

      lol :)

      GodlyPerfection said...

      lol remember the part about the more popular you are and the more fans you have the harder it is to nurture your fans? :P But yeah I will definitely help you get playtesting on it bro.

      Also Kangaroo you are a great hardcore fan and I am more than happy to have you here bro. Also kagarro that map sounds quite interesting.

      And legolum we need to get around to testing your map instead of playing Helix. :P Remind me that you have something to test next time we are in lobby.

      BadCompany Brik said...

      Don't be superficial about it. No one appreciates it if they can tell you're just doing it for the sake of nurturing. They won't care if they don't think you care.

      Phaazoid said...

      Lol it's true, I've made sure others play on your maps perfection. especially flatline and conquest stuff :D

      BTW, I saw you playtested Precipice, my map, tonight (my mic broke...)

      Mind posting feedback at the guardianz for me? I'm really trying to get some info on how my map is.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I completely agree Brik. You really do have to be sincere about it. You have to truly want their opinion and their support.

      And Phaazoid I did actually enjoy it as probably the best map we played at that session. Though I do feel that the path manipulation could be better, though controlling player movement on such a large map is extremely difficult. There were some parts of the map that I feel some players didn't really experience fully. For the most part though I think you have done a great job for such a large map. It played surprisingly well for such a large map. It gave me a good first impression. I haven't specifically taken a deeper look at the spawn perspectives and incentive weighting and what not, but in general you did a great job bro. I am very very impressed.