1. Official Conquest Map Guide

      written by Ray Benefield
      Conquest is a territories team based gametype focused on pushing your opponents out of territories that rightfully belong to you creating a reverse tug-of-war effect. It is played on linear maps that remove all attempts to flank and the maps enforce a brute force style of gameplay with all opposition focused on only the path ahead allowing players to place all their concentration in front of them. All power weapons and explosives are removed from maps focusing on damage over time weaponry to enforce teamwork tactics like double teaming, shield popping, head shotting, and covering teammates to allow them to recharge their shields. This guide will instruct you on how to make a Conquest map for all to enjoy. You have full permission to repost this guide wherever you would like as long as you give credit to myself and redirect readers to where they can obtain the gametype.


      This guide is written with my three years of experience of working with Conquest since it's creation. While this guide is not the law it is a heavy set of guidelines that are followed by many and will help you get your map into the Official Conquest Map Archive. This is a culmination of the best practices of creating Conquest maps to ensure that players enjoy the gameplay and get the full effect and essence of Conquest. This is not created to follow anything just because I want it that way. Each tip has reasoning behind it from not only myself, but many other great Conquest map designers like Bartoge, Ell3ment, GunnerGrunt, Coyote, etc. All of these tips will help you make your map fun for all Conquest enthusiasts to play on. I hope this helps you out and I hope you share the guide with everyone who wishes to create a Conquest map in Halo: Reach. I look forward to seeing your creations and working with you to perfect your maps.


      Map Basics

      All Conquest maps consist of one linear path of 7 "rooms" consisting of two spawn hives on either end, and 5 territories between them. The center territory is the focus of a majority of the combat as teams attempt to push the other team back. The two territories closest to the center are the main holding ground for each team as they push back and forth to fight for the center territory. The outer territory rooms (The closest to the spawn hives) are transition/backup territories. They serve as a place for members of the team to retreat to in order to regroup and recover if they get overrun. Each room needs to be distinguishable from the next and separated clearly to allow players to easily recognize what territory they are in.

      Setting up Territories

      To setup a Conquest map you have to make your map compatible with the Territories gametype. First thing you need to do is open up your map in forge with a territories gametype selected. Any territory game variant will do. Next you need 5 territory objects. Territory objects can be many things, but Flag Stands can be used if you don't want to use anything else. Place all 5 objects on your map in their respective "rooms". Set each objects's shape and area to cover the designated room. Go to the object's properties and then go to advanced. Change the gametype label to "Terr_Obj". This will make the object a territory. Now go up to the object's spawn sequence and change it to what the type of Conquest territory it is:

      • Use '1' for the center territory
      • Use '2' for the holding ground territories (the territories on either side of the center territory)
      • Use '3' for the transition/backup territories (the territories on closest to the spawn hives or the outer territories that are furthest away from the center)

      Your map should now load properly with your territories numbered so that as you get closer to the center of the map the numbers of the territories decrease until they hit '1'. Make sure you set the spawn sequence of all of your territory objects. All objects have a spawn sequence of '0' by default and in territories this means that the object will not be recognized as a territory and will not work.

      Map Layout

      Most Conquest maps in Halo 3 were symmetrical. While this was not required it made maps easy to balance for each side which was important for Conquest in Halo 3. Conquest maps in Halo: Reach no longer need to be truly balanced for each side because of the new scoring system. Conquest now consists of 4 rounds of 2 minutes each with no sudden death. Each team switches sides when each round ends. This means that no matter what, each team plays on each side twice for a total of 4 minutes on each side. This allows maps to be slightly unbalanced since each team plays both sides of the map equally with an equal chance of scoring. For example, green side may have a height advantage over yellow side. Red team plays on green side just as many times as Blue team, meaning that each has 4 minutes to utilize that height advantage. This allows map designers to have an asymmetrical layout without too much worry. Do avoid making one side too overpowered as it will make the other side unfun to play on.


      Weapons in Conquest are split up into three types; damagers, softeners, and headshotters. Damaging weapons are used to damage an opponent when their shields are down to kill them. Softener weapons are weapons that quickly remove a player's shield. Headshot weapons are weapons with headshot capabilities that can quickly eliminate a player with no shields. The weapons that you place on the map are placed as upgrades to a player's basic spawning weaponry. At start player's have access to three basic weapons, one of each type:

      • Assault Rifle - Acts as a spraying damaging weapon for when player's have no shields; Damager
      • Plasma Repeater - Acts as a shield reducer in order to remove player's of their shields quickly; Softener
      • Magnum - Acts as a quick elimination weapon since it can kill player's in one headshot when they have no shields; Headshotter

      You have several weapons that can be placed on a Conquest map that can enhance a player's effectiveness or versatility. The weapons that are available for placing on a Conquest map are as follows:

      • DMR - This is an upgrade of the starting Magnum and acts as the supreme headshotter in Conquest. It retains more range and more accuracy than the starting headshotter.
      • Needle Rifle - This weapon is a combination of a headshotter and a damager. It holds the ability to headshot while still being able to place only 3 shots to the body of an opposing player with no shields to trigger a kill
      • Plasma Rifle - This covenant weapon is the upgrade to the starting Plasma Repeater. It does not require venting like the Plasma Repeater does and strips players of shields faster than the starting softener.
      • Spiker - This weapon is a mix of a softener and a damager. It gives the player the power of a Plasma Repeater mixed with some of the power of the Assault Rifle.
      • Plasma Pistol - This covenant weapon is the supreme softener. It requires a charge, but delivers a shot that completely removes a player of their shields allowing damagers and headshotters to instantly be effective.

      When placing weapons they should be easily found while moving towards the center. If a weapon cannot be found, it will not be picked up, and if it isn't picked up it might as well not exist on the map. Weapons can have varying spawn times and clip sizes based on the map. The typical spawn time is around 30 seconds. Keep in mind that reducing the spawn time makes that particular weapon more prevalent than the rest. Also keep in mind that increasing spawn times for weapons and reducing spare clips makes the weapons placed on map more precious and more treasured. Do keep note that there are no more grenades in Conquest and no more power weapons... so no focus rifles, sniper rifles, or concussion rifles (concussion rifles are considered power weapons due to the ability to hit multiple players on the opposing team).

      Room Details

      Before going into details for each room keep note that territory rooms need to territory to cover most of the room. If players are behind cover they should still be inside the territory. Players should not be afraid to take cover. If the territory only sites in the center of the room a player will avoid taking cover for as long as possible in fear of losing the current territory. This causes too much frustration so to avoid this ensure that your territories cover all or 99% of the room that it is placed in. Players are fighting to keep the whole room, not just the territory.

      Spawn Hives

      On a Conquest map there are four types of "rooms". The first is the spawn hive. This is where all players begin their Conquest. This room needs to be cut off enough so that players may spawn safely and proceed forward with little opposition. In case this setup is not possible the Conquest gametype does provide 3 seconds of invulnerability on spawn to ensure that players have time to orient themselves on spawn. The spawn hive typically has no territory in it because it is near impossible for the opposing team to capture a territory that is in a spawn hive. Because of this spawn hives do not hold territories and act as rooms 6 and 7.

      Transition Territories

      The second type of room is the transition/backup territory. These rooms are typically long and provide the majority of weapon selection as players head towards the center. Because these are just transition territories not much time is spent in them so the territory should be a decent length to allow players to capture them as they walk towards the center without having to stop. A little pause before going into the next territory is fine, however for the optimal smooth experience it should be long enough to capture without having to stop so that player's may move on to the main point of combat. If player's have to stop it just creates a stutter in gameplay reducing the player's experience. These territories are marked with a spawn sequence of '3'.

      Holdout Territories

      The third type of room is the holdout territory. These rooms are the territories closest to the center territory. Because of this player's spend a lot of time in these rooms so they do not need to be long in order for them to be capture. These rooms need to contain a good amount of cover between it and the center territory in order for players to recharge their shields. Keep in mind that this area will typically house the whole team at once and their should be enough space for all players to fit comfortably and take cover comfortably. The weaponry in this room is typically placed to refill ammo and to allow more versatility in combat. Be wary of placing too many weapons in this room compared to the transition territory because sometimes this territory is taken and the opposition will take control of all weaponry in this room. Keep all main upgrade weapons in the transition territory. These territories are marked with a spawn sequence of '2'.

      Center Territory

      The final type of room is the center territory. This is the focus of combat in Conquest. Player's will fight over this constantly. There needs to be cover on both sides within this territory so that each team may contest the territory semi safely. The trick to taking this territory will be for teams to work together and remove the opposition from their cover in the center territory and push them back to their holdout territory. If a center territory does not have cover for each team, the team that owns it will easily rack up points. Avoid this and give the opposite team the chance to contest the territory semi safely. Or else the match will feel very one sided and unenjoyable. Give players the feeling of contesting and threatening their opponents to increase the sense of combat and improve the feel of competition. This territory is marked with a spawn sequence of '1'.

      Repair and Recovery

      Conquest is a spartan only gametype. This means that when a player's health drops it will not heal past the nearest third. To accommodate for this med-kit stations need to be placed in the rooms to allow for players to recover when they need to. The spawn time of med-kits can vary between maps. Keep in mind that the quicker medkits respawn the less effective damager style weapons are. Each map needs to adjust the spawn time of their med-kits based on the layout. Typical spawn times are anywhere from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

      In addition to med-kits, players need cover to have time to repair their shields. Without cover the teamwork aspect of Conquest is greatly diluted since player's cannot repair their shields while they have teammates cover them. Learning when to take cover is an important part of what makes Conquest competitive.

      Important Guidelines

      Many beginning Conquest Map designers make simple mistakes that can be avoided by just knowing what they are. Use the following bulleted list as a set of guidelines to improve the gameplay on your Conquest map.

      • Avoid player's being shot from more than one direction. Conquest is about brute force and pushing harder towards the other side. When being shot from multiple sides a player is forced to split their attention deluding the essence of Conquest
      • Remember that teams only gain points from uncontested territories. Be sure that player's can contest the center territory semi safely to allow them to catch back up in the point race and slow down their opponent. If this capability does not exist on your map it will allow one team to gain points too fast and pull ahead too easily making it not very fun for the opposite team. Providing the ability to contest the territory also increase adrenaline rush for both teams as they fight for control of the center.
      • Designate each "room" specifically. Don't have territories that are split between two visual rooms and don't have multiple territories in one visual room. This causes confusion amongst player's and makes it hard to hold each territory one at a time and removes the progression feel of Conquest, blurring the lines between which areas are territories.
      • Do not place too many weapons in the holdout room. If a team is overrun in their holdout room they lose possession of everything in that room including weapons. If all of their weapons are in that room it makes it difficult to make a comeback and put pressure back on their opposition.
      • Ensure that players spawn smoothly. Don't force them to make decisions right off the bat. Place weapons at least three seconds from spawning to allow player's time to orient themselves on spawn.
      • Make sure weapons can be found on your map using eye catching techniques like color contrast. If players can't find the weapons then they might as well not be placed on the map.
      • Keep transition territories long enough so that a team does not have to stop to capture it. The main focus is the center territory so allow them to get to their destination smoothly. Forcing them to stop to capture a territory reduces the adrenaline rush at the beginning of each round as player's have to stop their progress and stutter their gameplay.

      Submitting your map

      Once your map is complete you may submit it to the Conquest creators (GodlyPerfection, Bartoge, and Gunnergrunt) by putting it on your fileshare and tagging your map with the following tags: Conquest | ReachingPerfection. We will find it, playtest it, and work with you to perfect it. Once we feel it is up to par your map will be placed in the Official Conquest Map Archive for all Conquest enthusiasts to enjoy. If you need to find players to playtest your maps or find other Conquest enthusiasts, send a friend request to the gamertag ConquestInReach. Good luck and we all look forward to working with you as a map designer and thank you for your contribution to the Conquest community.


      Noklu said...

      I see no mention on Armor Abilities. What is the policy on those?

      DriedMoss said...

      Work in progress.

      Legolum said...

      Noklu, it has been decided that armor abilitys will NOT be used in the gametype, the only armor ability that will work out most of the time is Armor lock, but due to that being a one sided thing if only 2 players have it, their is in fact a Armorquest which allows everyone to use armor lock.
      Using a AA is not suggested but as it said in the beginning if done right, anything can be allowed. I'm going to attempt a map that uses jet packs, might work out might not.

      The thing is that evade and sprint = allows you to pass the enemy team and ruins the push, jet pack allows you to go over the head of the enemy, and completely dodge them.

      each armor ability just has something that CAN break gameplay, however I do suggest you attempt what you can, originality is what makes a map. experiment.

      Hey godly, I uploaded that conquest map that I made a few days ago, made some changes to coloring and spawn placement as well as weapons. Anyway, its up for the "conquest gods" to yell at me about (:

      Neo_Arkitect said...

      I like it. I like it a lot.

      On an unrelated flatline note: I tried setting up a flatline oddball variant last night after I fixed FL_Arena per your suggestions, and I discovered that when playing oddball, the ball carrier is unable to use armor abilities. Have you run into similar troubles? Or do you know if there is a way to allow armor abilities while holding an objective?

      Guest said...

      Death Orb here! help me make this new gametype work!I've made a new gametype where one guy has to run to 5 points and see how far he gets. the next round someone else tries.there are 4 players, so the other 3 are at fixed positions trying to stop him.like arnie in that film, you are the running man. It plays almost as good as it sounds except for 2 things:
      I use territories for the points(team rally unavailable), but it only lasts for 4 rounds instead of 8? the second thing is that spawning the red player to be running man in round 1, then to be a sentry guy on round 2, etc. doesn't work! I set spawn orders correctly (order 1 means round 1 right?) and the spawning is random! please help me, because I can play it but i have to use teleporters at the start, on a 30 sec. spawn. and for 4 rounds only. forge = broken?

      Tim said...

       I just made a map on Reflection for Conquest using the elevator back areas

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