1. Projects of the Future

      written by Ray Benefield
      Woot!!! It's fucking September. Less than 14 days my friends until the big Reach blowout. I've got some major projects planned for Halo: Reach and for the site. Things that will help the whole forging community and maybe even reasons for you to bring your friends over here. Take a look inside and you may find something that interests you and that you would love to participate in.

      Conquest Stuffz

      If you are completely new to the site and nobody told you we are going to work as a community to get one of the most popular community gametypes, Conquest, into Halo: Reach matchmaking with a full pack of maps to go along with it. We already have 40 people signed up to help out and we could use more. Wanna join us check out the Conquest in Reach Matchmaking post and sign up and I will send you a friend request through ConquestInReach to get you setup and ready to go.

      This gamertag is going to be the center of the project. You will submit all of your maps to that gamertag by recommending it to a friend from your fileshare. You will also be invited for playtesting through that gamertag so that way we can polish and tweak the new Conquest gametype in Reach. We NEED to get that gametype polished and official quickly. If you plan on designing a map for it and already know how the layout is going to be I need a huge favor from you. We need a batch of maps to be able to test the gametype on the first day that Reach is out and until more official maps come out. So if you have a layout down build a very simple version with spawns, weapons, and the base layout. All you really have to do is build the rooms and add some kill zones so that the map is playable in order to be tested. When you are done just recommend it to ConquestInReach. I plan on just throwing together a quick layout with a bunch of wall coliseums and blocks with no aesthetics just to prep the gametype. And while we have those maps to test you can work on the actual version of your map and then when it is done recommend it. Add something to the map name to show that it is a test version like "The Cellars Test". Also remember to tag your Conquest maps with Conquest on it. And if you want to advertise the site feel free to add ReachingPerfection as a tag.

      Community Gametypes for Matchmaking

      If we do successfully get Conquest into matchmaking I plan on making this a regular feature of the site. We will work as a community to pick a gametype and put a huge amount of effort to push it and a series of maps to go with it into matchmaking. We may be able to get some great things into matchmaking by the community. Maybe some crazy Invasion gametype will come up or some quirky version of Headhunter that is crazy fun. Maybe some Evenball or Asset. Conquest is just going to be the start of this movement.

      Map Analysis Classwork

      So we have all these level design theories that we call Forge Lessons. I think it is time to start actually applying what you have learned. First of all I'm going to be releasing the Forge Lessons less often. It will probably move from one every other day to about one every 3 or 4 days to fit in more things like this. What I plan on doing is setting up an email for you guys to use to submit maps and stuff to be reviewed by the community. I will go through them and pick one every once in a while (at least once a week) and give it to you guys for "homework". What you will do is analyze the map based on the lessons that you have learned up to that point. You will use the lessons as references to back up your analysis. This will help you point out things in maps and help others see things that they missed that someone else found. Then after 3 or 4 days I will make a new post and analyze it myself using what you guys posted as supporting evidence and then re-assign a new map for homework at the end of the analysis. Then I will rinse and repeat. This will help all of us improve our analysis skills and help make them second nature to you.

      Architecture Archive

      So I got this idea a long while ago from Forgehub. I am going to start a collection of unique forge architecture that can be used on Forge World. Do you have a cool floor design that you want to share with the rest of the forging community? How about a cool building setup? Or maybe some other crazy piece of architecture. This will all be done through Sketchup when Mick and Bartoge finish perfecting the components. Then all you will have to do is build your masterpiece in sketchup and submit it to the collection on Google's 3D Warehouse. I release details on that later. This collection will serve as a place to sort of trademark your creativity and serve as a place to browse whenever you are looking for inspiration or some structure to add spice to your map. Who knows... maybe we will have special structures that are called "The Godly Ramp" or "Flashpoint's Statue" or maybe even "The Bartoge Ceiling" or the great "GunnerGrunt Flooring".

      Level Design Authors

      For those who read this blog everyday you would know that there have been several posts that are written by guest authors for the community. These are level designers that have created their own level design theories and want to share them with the public and start up some discussion. This will be a regular thing for the site. However those of you that submit at least 3 I will offer you a job as a blog author. That way instead of going through the hassle of coordinating with me all you have to do is write up an article and submit it for moderation. I can then go in and approve the post if it is good to go. Bartoge and Cerberus Beast both need one more article to reach this position and GunnerGrunt will be submitting some as well. If you feel like you have a good theory or a new take on a current theory feel free to contact me through GodlyPerfection@reachingperfection.com.Remember that I enjoy my blog's format a lot so write it with short sections with a max of about 4 or 5 sections not including an intro paragraph.

      What do you guys think about these projects? Give me some feedback so I can improve this site to meet your needs. See you guys tomorrow for Lesson 17. ;) Laterz peepz.


      legolum said...

      sounds like this will be a bit of fun, homework not so much >.> anyway, 14 days!


      IxFlashPointxI said...

      In honor of this I will make a flashpoint statue! I have to start working on some structures. I actually think I might have to make some architectual masterpieces... Sounds great. Now to read the 16th lesson.

      As for conquest: I'll pump out 2 or 3 maps the first day for conquest testing. Make sure you reserve a spot for me XD.

      GunnerGrunt said...

      LD said he will be making a Conquest map as soon as he gets Reach. I send him over here for some details. He should show up soon

      BadCompany Brik said...

      In regards to your XBL message, never call me broski ever again.

      In regards to this post, I might not be able to make a map for the first day, since I'll be far to busy experimenting on switches, and the uses of various physics, but I will be able to help playtest.

      Also, "homework?" Not very appetizing.

      Bartoge said...

      You know I never realized that I was a tag. Its kind of weird. But anyway, I should have another theory next week Godly. I had to stop to focus on Desistance but now I can finish that height theory.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Dangit! Why don't I have a tag? Sadfaic... But back on topic, I'm working on writing a theory as we speak, hoepfully its not too bad :P

      GodlyPerfection said...

      lol... Flashpoint you aren't a tag because you don't have a theory out yet. And lol Brik... I never call people broski I just felt spunky this morning lol. And sounds good GG. Also don't worry about it Brik we should have a good set of playtest maps. And don't worry about it Bart you're good to go. And definitely "homework" that is if you want to get better :P... lol

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Oh an godly, yeah I know... I was joking. Maybe I could help with like architecture and stuff because as you've noticed. Writing isn't really my thing.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      lol Don't worry about it too much Flashpoint... you are still young and fresh in the scene of level design. You will grow into it don't worry. Shit like that doesn't happen over night.

      Cerberus Beast said...

      Win! So, I just need to meld together one more complete thought from the thousand of shards in my head to get some notoriety, eh? Sounds good. Anyway, It's nice to hear that a general structure is being implemented for individual and group growth within the RP community. I may not be around as much, thanks to FIVE F***ING SELF-INFLICTED APs, but I'll still try to fit in the homework and write articles when I am able. Look for me on XBL on weekends.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Don't worry Cerb, real life always takes precedence. And you do realize that being an author requires you have an account on blogger right? lol... :P

      mitona said...

      I can't wait to put these lessons to the test in reach.

      GD27 BlueDevil said...

      Great post Godly. I particularly like your "homework" idea because it allows the community hands on examples in map design that couldnt be offered in other design tutorials.

      With your kind support, I would like to create a writeup for you like Bartoge and Cerb did. It will feature the subject on catering to hardcore/ competitive needs. I have become friends with many people over at MLGpro and I can interview them to increase the quality of my post.

      And with doing this, many of the MLGpro forgers would be directed here. Do you support my idea Godly?

      Humble Calamity said...

      I think that it's really sweet that you're doing all these things for the community Godly. I love your homework idea -- it'll really help drive the point home and allow the kids to apply the concepts.

      This site is quickly veining out to connect several big-named sites. I think that's pretty awesome. :)

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Yeah definitely BlueDevil. Feel free to do what you think would be most helpful to the community and growing and pushing it towards other communities. I'm sure MLGpro forgers would get quite some help from the lessons and stuff. Just be sure to try to keep it in a similar format as all of my blog posts... short sections with a header for each and an intro paragraph. The interviews can be one section themselves. Good luck my friend.

      Who knows maybe you too will earn an author spot on RP. lol... and Mitona I too can't wait to put these lessons to full use in Reach. Now that forging is a cinch. rofl

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Thanks Humble welcome to the site bro glad you showed up. And I will definitely be reaching out to not only the forging communities but level design focused communities for other games as well to create one big level design collaboration. It will be quite the project lol. Glad you commented it means a lot bro and encourages me to keep going.

      GD27 BlueDevil said...

      Excellent. I'll get to work. And I'm going to get some big names.

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