1. Site Update

      written by Ray Benefield
      Alright so a few things have changed on the site over the last couple weeks. I'm going to cover each one and I need feedback from all of you on what you think needs to be changed, added, etc. Also I'll teach you how to create a profile on the site so the site keeps track of all of your comments and what not. And I'll cover some interesting ideas I have for the site's future. Also feel free to take some time to intellectually bump/testimonialize the Forge Lessons BNet index so more people see it. On to the update...

      Joining the RP Community

      So one of the first big changes you will notice is a change to the commenting system which is now powered by Disqus. If you do not have a profile on Disqus you are going to want one so you can comment here on RP. Follow this link to create your profile: http://disqus.com/profile/. If you don't want to follow that link then you can just click on the "Disqus" button shown in the image below to create one if you don't have one. You will use that same button to login to post comments here on RP.

      You can edit your profile at any time when you are logged in by clicking on (edit profile) next to your username above the comment box (shown in the picture below). I would suggest that all of you set your Xbox Live Gamertag as your "Real Name" in your profile. That is the display name that will be shown on your comments. This will be important later when we do contests and stuff so I can contact you. You can change your avatar/picture there too. You can also link your Facebook or Twitter account to your profile so you can login with them as well.

      Once you have commented once you will be added to the Reaching Perfection community automatically. In order to see the current community statistics click on the community button on any post (shown in the picture). Also if you feel that you enjoy a post or comment then get used to using the like button (post like button shown in picture).

      I would love for you guys to post at least once on this post to show that you are actually reading and so that you are added to the community.

      Featured Content

      I'm sure most of you have noticed the little featured content box above all of the posts and pages. I'm looking into making it look much better. I've already have had suggestions on darkening the background of it and making the arrows larger and put them on the sides of the box. Do you guys have any other suggestions for it? I will be adding the most important and popular posts and content up there. Also if I find some amazing maps or guides or something then I will be adding those too. I plan on doing some form of featured or favorite content once Reach launches so if you see something amazing out there that I should look at then feel free to email me at GodlyPerfection@reachingperfection.com. Basically if you have anything important or private to tell me, hit me up there. Make sure you give me your username/gamertag so I know who you are.

      Future Projects

      So I want to start getting things uniquely setup here at RP. First of all I plan on hosting a series where you guys will utilize your Forge Lessons knowledge and collaborate with each other. It will help you practice your analysis and design skills as a group and show you all the different scenarios where the lessons come into play. Also eventually I am going to host a community wide map creation project. Basically we will all work together to formulate a solid map Essence. Then we will collect possible path layouts and step through each process of design making decisions as a community. Then we will all playtest it to perfection and when it is done we will write up a map post and gather a list of all participants and have them all as authors of the map. Then different people can post it on different communities to get the word out there. We are a design based community so who ever forges the map won't matter too much so whoever wants to can since forging is so easy in Reach lol. Also I am still planning on getting an architecture library setup so you can just scroll for beautiful architecture to put on your maps and so you can add your own and sort of trademark your stuff. Keep an eye out for other big projects. Oh and everyone welcome Bartoge as the first RP author other than myself. He has earned it and he will be bringing you guys more of his design theories in the future. So look out for those.

      Spread the word

      Alright so we are starting to get out there and starting to get heard by a ton of people. Spread the word to all of those interested in game/level design. Anyone that truly wants to learn and practice good design would enjoy being here. Share these posts on Facebook, Retweet posts, PM people, advertise the Forge Lessons, etc. Let's show the world that gameplay matters oh so much more than aesthetics. ;)


      Neo_Arkitect said...

      One question...will we ever have forums? I'm very familiar wit a lot of forums services out there like IPB etc. I can definitely help with them if you ever feel like creating RP forums for users to discuss lessons/theories/maps.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      At first I didn't ike it, but it is pretty cool now.

      Noklu said...

      I'm on Forgehub as well (under noklu) and while that is a far larger community, this blog is...cozier. It's good stuff.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Well Ikir... I would like to welcome you to the RP community. Enjoy this cozy little place where designers flourish and we all get together and talk about how we can improve our maps. Hope you decide to get active around here bro. ;)

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I do not want to rush into a forum. Forums have multiple places that users have to pay attention to. A blog presents one central place that everyone can focus under. Since we are a smaller community we will stay as a blog. If we ever get too large then I will consider moving the whole site into a forum, but the forum will be fully planned out by the community and all features will be decided upon before the forum would go up.

      For now the blog will stay and be the main focus. If we get a lot more regular attention and active readers then I may move to a forum. For now there are plenty of community sites that we can all hang out at and having to handle a forum is a big job.

      Btw, I forgot to add that you can edit your profile picture from the edit profile section too. I just added it.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Yeah if you feel that is better for you then go for it bro. It was just a huge suggestion... lol. Again welcome and I look forward to you being active bro. At least some of you peepz are chatting. Gotta go write Lesson 21.

      Noklu said...

      Well...thank you. I decided that I prefer to be under Noklu. My GT remains in my bio if needed. I'll be sure to get active as this'll remain on my 'always open when start internet' list. You know, those sites which you always open out of habit.

      BadCompany Brik said...

      The Disqus things seems to work better when you sign up for it.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Yeah definitely works much better when you register. Hopefully people start registering and becoming pretty active. I am starting to really grow attached to the system and I think it works pretty well for the site. It seems to flow quite nicely.