1. Waiting for Reach

      written by Ray Benefield
      Alright well we are all just less than a day (some just waiting a few hours) from playing Halo: Reach. Today is going to be a very casual post and nothing special unless you are participating in the Conquest in Reach Matchmaking movement. Take a look inside and I'll also explain a few of the changes that I've made and are going to make while I wait until I go get Reach.

      Conquest Stuffz

      First things first. For all of those participating in the Conquest movement I am slightly changing up the requirements for submitting your maps for playtesting and submission into the Conquest map archive. In addition to recommending the map to the ConquestInReach gamertag, also add the following two tags to your map: Conquest | ReachingPerfection. The recommendation to the gamertag will just be a notification for me, I will actually be downloading the file through the new file sharing system so in order for me to download and test your maps it HAS to have these two tags so I can find it. Remember that your maps do not have to be completely finished in order for them to be tested they just need to follow the basic rules of a Conquest map. One linear path, at least one territory covering all parts of the map, and have spawns and weapons setup. Remember that you can only place 5 territories in Halo: Reach. If you were planning on a 7 territory Conquest map just pretend that you have 7 territories and just don't put territories where you are spawning the teams and have the 5 territories in between them. This shouldn't change up gameplay too much since the first territory is almost impossible to capture in Conquest anyways. I look forward to playtesting everything with you guys. I will most likely start custom games around 7 pm EST/4 pm PST tomorrow so if you get an invite from me that is why. Hopefully I will see you guys there.

      Waiting for Reach

      So if you guys are as anxious as me you'll have suffered all day waiting for that clock to countdown until you can get your grubby hands on Reach. I want to know what you guys did to keep yourselves pre-occupied and waste away the time to help the wait. I cleaned up the whole house and went grocery shopping. I also tried to get some sleep during the day to help my staying up all night. I enjoy having a clean house since I know that I will be pre-occupied for the next week or so straight lol. What did you do? Do you have a fridge filled with sodas in preparation for Reach? I want to get to know you guys a bit better and I'm curious as to what you guys have been up to.

      A few site changes

      You may have noticed that the menu bar has changed a little. The Conquest page is no longer available. I have added a "My Creations" page where you will be able to find all of the polished and playable things that I release and have all of the authors that may or may not have participated. Speaking of other authors, Conquest will now be owned by myself, GunnerGrunt, as well as Bartoge. All three of us will own Conquest equally and balance it together and run anything official that has to do with Conquest. They have both been huge influences in the Conquest world so they have earned it. I have also added a Request Help page. I have been getting a lot of requests to help people out with their maps and I figured I would at least try this method. When your map is close to finish and ready to be looked at feel free to follow the guidelines there to ask me to help you out and look at your map if you would like. Remember I'm not here to give you ideas, I'm here to help you perfect your ideas. Expect a few other random changes here or there over the next few hours if I get around to it.

      The plan of action

      So as I stated above I will most likely try to get some customs up and running around 4pm pacific/7pm central. If you would like to join just accept the invite that I spam to everyone lol... remember thing might get a little packed, but we shall see. I expect to have quite a few things ready to playtest. Conquest and like 2-4 maps will be ready from me alone as well as any other maps I get recommended to me for playtest. I will also have a prototype of Flatline, The Plague, Extermination, and Screwball ready to go. Also I may have a playtestable version of Double Helix for gameplay purposes. No where near completion mind you. And I may have a few mini games thrown together that I have been working on as well as some hidden gametypes that I haven't revealed. So if you want to come playtest then be ready and comment here if you aren't on my friends list yet.

      Spreading the word

      Finally before I go I want you guys to start spreading the word about Reaching Perfection. I will be hosting quite a bit over here so start letting people know. Also there is a thread over at Forgehub about my lessons. If you would like others on Forgehub to see them feel free to go post there and give your testimony. Here's the thread: Halo Reach Forge Lessons on BNet. And no it isn't advertising since he linked to the BNet version of the lessons so just go there to give your testimonials. Also if you want people to start hearing the phrase ReachingPerfection feel free to add that tag to your files. The more people see the phrase the more they will want to go on google and look up what it refers to. So if you want to show your support I have no problem with you doing it. I know I will be tagging my stuff with it. ;) Well, I'm going to pre-occupy myself for now until I get reach. I will see all of you online tomorrow. I am most likely going to secluded myself away from most chats until custom game time so I can focus and churn out a bunch of stuff.


      Anonymous said...

      I like browsing your site for the reason that you can constantly bring us new and awesome stuff, I think that I ought to at least say a thank you for your hard work.

      - Henry

      Bartoge said...

      For Reach, I've been doing homework and looking at RP and just going on forums and Bnet, just passing the time. I have school tomorrow, which is horrible, and then I have a orchestra rehersal after school for an hour which might kill me. I might just plod down dead while Im playing. But after that I can go and get my legendary Reach awesomeness.

      Anyway, I'll probably have something simply within a day or two while Im learning the new forge. I'll probably just remake one of my original designs, most likely the one from Epitaph. I think a conquest map will be good to start on while learning forge. So yeah, I can help test some stuff with you and then hopefully give you some suggestions on Conquest I had.

      Legolum said...

      you ever think of getting your lessons put up on the bungie.net news area? they put stupider things up.

      Anyway, as long as my friends don't drag me into TO much firefight/campaigning I will try to get my first not-practice-ish conquest map out. on reach (: hope you can get that all done on the first day, as long as amazon can deliver a game befor 7[EST] tomorrow (they just sent it around the time of this post) then Ill be their.

      Also, I think it was a typo but at first you said 7EST/4PST then you said 4PST/7Central... obviously you mean EST, correct?

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      I'm up for customs at 7. Reserve a spot for me. 7 central that is.

      Legolum said...

      """""""I'm up for customs at 7. Reserve a spot for me. 7 central that is. """"""""

      Like I said above I think the central thing was a typo, due to est being 3 hours ahead of PST, not central.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Yeah I meant eastern. I'll go fix that... lol... but I'll definitely save spots for you guys. And bart, yeah we definitely need to talk Conquest changes.

      Also Legolum I submitted the series to the Bungie Blog once already this morning. If you guys do it too maybe he will actually accept it lol.

      Noklu said...

      You know what sucks?

      I don't get to play Reach til this weekend (my Saturday, your Friday evening). I'll be going semi-dark and avoiding any campaign spoilers until then but luckily I've got a couple of ideas brewing that I can work on. In my head. If that doesn't sound too crazy.

      IxFlashPointxI said...

      Yeah, I think it would be 6 Central but Idk...

      Also, I have to go to school today :/... But I have early release! So I get out of school at 1:10 instead of 2:50

      Anonymous said...

      nice post. thanks.

      Anonymous said...

      Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!