1. Lesson 27: Reputation

      written by Ray Benefield
      I told you guys that posting might slow down a bit with Reach's release right? I want to apologize to all of you for not being able to completely help you guys out all the time. The Request Help section is way too much to handle and manage so I am most likely getting rid of that and I'm going to try to find a better way to help people out. Right now it is probably just best you send me a msg on XBL. I am pretty good about that so far. Anyways, Helix is officially in testing along with my new map Inception and Tactics... which is still waiting for the KOTH bug fix. If you are interested in joining then hit me up peepz. Anyways, here is lesson 27. As long as I keep writing these then you still have reason to come back here. I promise. I am looking at getting more authors for the site so that way you guys have something to read everyday. The loyal commentors around here may be approached with the opportunity to write some stuff for Reaching Perfection if they would like. I am particularly looking for a writer for the Reaching Perfection Favorites right now. I will be looking for more in the future so stay tuned. Also I am going to try to start that Common Forge Question series tomorrow. Wish me luck. Anyways, next lesson is Wednesday/Thursday. Laterz peepz and see you online.

      Some of you have heard of my works. Some of you have heard of my past. Some of you recognize my name from somewhere. You judge me and my works based on the reputation that I have created. Good or bad. Remember that as a designer, you too are building your reputation for others to judge you by even if they have never met you and you have never met them. Always consider what the future will bring based on your actions, your content, and what you say.

      An image of you

      Consider yourself an artist of a painting that all will see when they hear your name. You decide whether it leaves a good first impression or not. Consider how you carry yourself when you speak with others and take the time to nurture your fans. Always keep in mind that you are being judged every minute of every day. Your works speak just as much about you as you do. Some will know you from only the creations that you have built. Some will know you from seeing your feedback that you give to other designers. Some will know you from the help that you have offered others. And yes… some will know you and remember how you acted in a heated argument. Always tread lightly when doing anything. Remember what rewards and what consequences will follow. They will affect the future in a huge way. I have made some mistakes myself in the past, but I am learning. Despite that, the bad in my past will continue to come back to haunt me as it will to you if you don’t learn quickly.

      It matters

      This doesn’t really seem like a level design lesson, now does it? Well it is. As you advertise your content people will judge you based on what they have seen from you. Some will make the decision on whether or not they will try out your content based solely on your reputation. So you must always make sure you understand the image you are creating when you do anything. Bad decisions and a bad reputation will cause people to not listen to your advertisement attempts despite any nurturing you may do. While this may not seem as apparent when you first start out it will definitely start to show itself as you continue on in your pursuit to build your credibility as a designer.

      Making a name

      Now that you are warned, it is time to go out and start painting that picture for all to see. People that recognize your name are definitely more likely to try out your content. The best way to build that image is to find a community and start painting. Offer to help out. Give your feedback to those who request it. Build memories and make friends. Do this in the most selfless manner. In the future it will repay you as a designer. You will be rewarded for your selfless acts. Remember that bad actions, content, and words will follow you forever. You don’t want to be known as the guy who spams advertisements or the guy who always starts arguments. You want to be known as the guy who has helped everyone else out and deserves to be helped out back. Forget about advertising when you are making your name. It will only lead to bad decisions. Be a loyal member of the community and then advertise to those who know you. Then create, nurture, expand, and profit. What are you waiting for? Use these lessons to invest in your future. 


      Noklu said...

      What is this "Reaching Perfection Favourites" you speak of?

      GD27BlueDevil said...

      Lol I'll try. Rep is borderline frustrating in real life as well as xbox.

      I finished the beta for my MLG map and want your input. Fritzer, and a few others from MLGpro offered me advice and I am trying to take it all into account - which was what the beta was for.

      So if you would be so kind as to give me some direction as far as how Reach's spawning and weponry differs from Halo 3's, I would be a happy man.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      The Reaching Perfection Favorites are just maps and gametypes that are a blast to play on and that I play personally in my rooms and have proven to be fun for custom game groups. They are basically to help people find good content out there.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I will definitely take a look at it bro. Whatever I can do to help old pal. Hit me up when we are online at the same time.

      Legolum said...

      my favorite lesson, godly. I really really needed this for the H1 clan I help lead. If you don't mind I would like to take the first paragraph and possibly some of the third one for a nice copy/paste.

      Sotha said...

      Pshh. I've never thought that I've really had much any reputation. I guess that's what I get for never advertising, keeping to a very close group of friends, and keeping to myself otherwise. I guess that's why my games always have so few downloads.

      But then again, I'm not a name whore like you are. c;

      Prod said...

      What are you talking about sotha? Was that a joke?

      You make some of the best minigames out there. Every good forger knows you.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Go for it legolum. Do whatever you want bro.

      And Sotha I agree with Prod... you are a great mini game designer and a lot of people know who you are. And if anything, I do, and I'm awesome.

      The_Ardly374 said...

      You forgot a comma after, "and if anything." That sentence killed my brain till I figured it out. *facefloor*

      Neo_Arkitect said...

      Godly, in regards to the "request help" section. I would be happy to help you handle the work load if you want. I recently took a look at phaazoid's map Precipice for him and I think I critiqued him pretty thoroughly. If you want to take a look at my review it can be found at the bottom of the page here:


      If you feel my criteria is up to par with RP then I would gladly help you out with helping others. If not..well...I'll just go back to perfecting Asahi Valley :P

      BadCompany Brik said...

      "You judge me and my works based on the reputation that I have created." No, I most certainly do not. I may look at maps because of who made them, but I judge them completely objectively. For example, Vanilla jumped out at me on ForgeHub because of the designer. And it's a great map. But that has nothing to do with the designer. I think it's a great map because... well, it's a great map. Basically what I'm saying is that having a good reputation may help to get people to look at your map, but it won't make them like it.

      Also, I'd possibly want to try a write up for a featured map. Maybe I could send you a write up of the first featured map and you could decide whether I'm good enough, and post it if you think so. Whatever works for you.

      Also, is there a PM system on the blog?

      Bartoge said...

      Nice lesson Godly. I dont know much about any rep I have, but the thing I always try to do is keep things simple and hope thats what people remember about my maps,, their simplicity. I mean I dont really ever go all out on aesthetics and my designs are always kind of easy to learn and get around on.

      Anyway, a thought I had for the request help thing, was you could do something similar to the Conquest cert team thing where you get a couple people who know your theories really well and then if someone wants help and your unable to give it, they can try and help the person.Sound any good?

      The_Ardly374 said...

      Nice fix, way to be a comma noob. But seriousness...My brain is stuck on teleporters, you should talk about how much they piss you off. It would be entertaining.

      Legolum said...

      Just letting ya know I still exist, Ive been pretty busy lately, But pretty soon here I should be able to start playing again.