1. Public Beta for Helix

      written by Ray Benefield
      Welcome to the Helix Public Beta Experience. You have been specially selected to be a beta tester to help perfect this Big Team Battle experience! Your goal is to hunt down texture fighting, analyze weapon spawn times, and playtest like you've never playtested before. This event is ONLY during the dates of November 25th and 26th. Read on for more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity!


      Helix is my Big Team Battle map built to win the Forgetacular Competition and make its way into Halo: Reach's matchmaking system. I have put my heart, mind, body, and soul into this map and I am here to ask for your help. If you have read my forge lessons, you know that I am very passionate about the level design field. One of my lessons is about the power of peer reviews and a second pair of eyes. I am asking for YOU to be that second pair of eyes. A designer almost always misses things on his map and peer reviewers can help him point out things he has passed dozens of times. That is where you come in.

      Your To-Do List

      So what exactly are you looking for? First thing I would like you guys to look for are any visual discrepancies with the map. A good example is any texture fighting that is going on that causes the flickering of textures. Another good example is any objects I did not color. Basically anything simple that can easily be fixed. The next thing I would love for you guys to analyze are gameplay elements like spawns and weapon placement/spawn times. And the final thing is if you can get a Big Team Battle playtest (6 vs 6 or more) and return with feedback, that would be awesome. Keep in mind this map is being prepped for matchmaking. There are some minor framerate drops for infantry and drops for Falcon users. These issues are known and were much worse in the past and myself and many others have done our best to minimize this issue as much as possible. If you can find any good suggestions to reduce framerate drops then feel free to offer your suggestions.

      Thank you

      Thank you for taking your time to help perfect this wonderful map. Please download it and share it with your friends. The public beta will only be open November 25th and 26th since I am making the final video and submitting it on the 27th. So please return with feedback promptly. Thank you for your time folks and I wish all others who are participating the best of luck in the competition. ;)


      DriedMoss said...

      In progress of solo testing. Textures, colors, etc.

      Jflood said...

      did you end up getting it into forgetacular. Cause when i was talking to you today your Internet was f'ing up.