1. Customs of the New Year

      written by Ray Benefield
      I told you I would be back today folks. ;) Thanks for all the congrats on being a father. You guys rock. Also the RP forums are picking back up now that the Holidays are slowly inching to an end. I've also decided that I am going to be writing Forge Lesson 40 on the power of Foreshadowing. That will be coming out on January 1st... this saturday. That's not the only thing that happens Saturday though. Read on for more info... :P

      Customs Galore

      The new year is upon us. Let us celebrate the first day of the new year with a MASSIVE custom game day. I still gotta run it through with the wife, but I am planning on hosting a long custom game session filled with map testing, fun custom games, and just a good ol' time. We will play some of the RP favorites, some stuff that a lot of the main RP members have made, some of the most popular maps out there, and who knows... we may have some nostalgia customs and get a group to head over to Halo 3 for old times sake. ;) So are you interested in participating? Of course you are.

      Joining the action

      If you would like to join in on the fun respond to this post with your gamertag. I won't guarantee that I will be hunting you down though. I may get lost in the fun. However my party will remain public through the whole thing so just keep checking my gamertag to see if there are spots open. I'll also go through the comments to hunt for people to fill remaining spots if we need to. I may set up a gamertag just for this so if you get a friend request from a gamertag like "ReachingPerfect", "ReachPerfection", "ReachPerfect", or something of the likes then you can use friends of friends on that to check up on my gamertag. Just a heads up though that the regular RP members get priority over those who just stop by to read and leave. By regular RP members I mean names I recognize from the forums or comments on the blog. Regardless, I'm sure we can't fill a 16 man room for 6 hours or so constantly with just RP regulars so I can probably get you in.

      Regular Event?

      So tons of sites have custom game nights like Forgehub's TGIF, XForgery's WoW, and various other events. Would you guys want to try to make something like that as a regular thing for RP? If so we are going to need to come up with our own way of doing things, a catchy name/acronym, and figure out dates, times, etc. I'm a flexible and casual guy so throw whatever suggestions you have my way. Discuss peepz. I'm expecting a lot of comments for this post. Don't disappoint me :P. Remember if you want to make an account to comment on these posts with a personalized avatar just click on the Disqus button and make an account. Join our community of crazed, fun-loving designers. You won't regret it.


      That Spazamataz said...

      love the idea of a forge building regular event but also mabye a customs nights where we play some of the best and stuff however because of the timezone stuff it may be hard for me also schools picked up to proper important to study hard and stuff so I probably won't be on that often except mabye some weekends and most holidays but yeah :(

      Anyways I'll try to get as much of my freetime that I get into Halo :)

      Schnitzel said...

      I'd love to join in, but I'm probably going to be nursing a hand over through out the day... And sleeping a lot. lol.
      As for regular custom nights... Do we need a scheduled night? Most of us are on fairly regularly and being a small and tight knit group as is, we tend to gravitate together and start up lobbies naturally. TGIF and WoW are most so that the staff can be involved with the regular rank and fiile members of the forums... Although it doesn't turn out that way always.

      Anonymous said...

      Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Sounds good Jeremy. I'll send you an invite when things are going down.