1. [RP Favorites] Crucible

      written by Ray Benefield
      So I haven't really posted in a while so sue me :P. First I'm tied up with the Forgetacular contest and now the Noble Map Pack was just released. For those who aren't part of it yet the RP community is working on the first major 4v4 competitive Tempest map. We call it Zephyr. And by RP community, I mean we have at least 15 authors working on this map as a collaboration project. It is tough, but with all of the great minds in the community no decision is made lightly and suggestions for improvement is always there. Fifteen Brains are better than one right? Also for those who missed it, I released my first competitive map in Halo: Reach. It is called Helix and it is a BTB map that will blow your mind. That post is also my 100th post on RP so woohoo celebration. Speaking of celebration the designer behind today's RP Favorite is having his 19th birthday today. Happy Birthday FluffySushi/UrM4mm4! He brings us one of my favorite 4v4 competitive maps that I watched grow from its original design in Halo 3. Oh and be back tomorrow... cuz I'm writing Lesson 39 and you don't want to miss that. Let's dive into the Furnace...

      Picture courtesy of TheArdly from Forge Life

      So I hate favoriting competitive maps cuz it is hard to distinguish one from the other gameplay wise lol. All you can really do is download them and look through them and play them. This map was built originally on Halo 3 around the idea of a furnace as the center piece of the map with a kill ball that had a bunch of explosions in it that created a unique feel and atmosphere. That map was called Crematorium. The Halo Reach version builds off of the same layout that he had back in the day and kicks it up a notch. The furnace is now just a little side aesthetic, but the map still holds a great personality that will stand out from the other competitive maps out there. I hope this gets into matchmaking as it is a pristine example of a competitive map and Fluffy is growing as a designer and definitely showing it. Below you will find a video of the map to give you a better idea of what is in store for you when you take my recommendation. Enjoy Crucible and see you guys tomorrow for another Forge Lesson.

      Picture courtesy of TheArdly from Forge Life


      That Spazamataz said...

      All I can tell from that picture is Godly has a sens eof humour however from the video this map looks amazing. :)