1. Affinity

      written by Ray Benefield

      By: GodlyPerfection

      Affinity is my second fully completed competitive map in Halo: Reach. It features a strong Halo: CE theme that will have you remembering the good old days of Halo. It is compatible with all standard gametypes except Invasion and Race. This is my best map to date and it boasts a very simplistic layout that is easy to learn and allow you to focus more on the gameplay than learning the map. If you want a map that is professionally done to perfection, then look no further my friends.

      Affinity works best for 4-8 man FFA and 4v4 to 8v8 team games. And yes it plays well for both 4v4 AND 8v8. If you don't believe me, give it a try for yourself. All default gametypes other than Invasion and Race are fully supported on this map. The recommended FFA gametypes would be Slayer and Headhunter Pro. As for team games Team Slayer, Assault (Neutral and Multi), and CTF (in that order) play the best with Team KoTH being an honorable mention. Stockpile plays quite well also.

      Affinity's layout is easy to learn if you imagine it as a square with a cross in the center and the two bases being in the two left squares and points of interest being at the intersections. The map is mirror symmetrical and has 4 main paths to traverse to the opposite side of the map; Sword Hall, Top Path, Storage Room, and Window Side. Each path features minor features like crates, portable shields, and other minor structures that provide a break in line of sights. These encourage players to dance around them to threaten their opposition.

      As for weapon placement every weapon is easy to find making it easy to learn the map and quickly keep up with those that are already familiar with it. DMRs and NRs are scattered around the map to provide ample amount of mid range combat options. There is a sniper at the end of each side of the Top Path for each team. They are set to a 120 second respawn time and 0 spare clips. The rocket launcher sits in the center of the Storage Room by the man cannon with a 150 second respawn timer and 0 spare clips. The sword stands in the middle of Sword Hall on a 120 second respawn timer as well. A neutral needler sits on a 60 second timer heading up towards Top Path from Sword Hall. There are grenade launchers sitting below the sniper spawn in the Storage Room on each side on a 60 second spawn with 5 shots. Spikers sit at the entrances of the drop downs in the center of the Top Path to provide a more efficient close quarters option. Finally two plasma pistols sit on each side one at the beginning of Sword Path and one on the ramp from the base up to Top Path.

      Affinity was in production for 18 days, from December 31st, 2010 to January 17th, 2011. It started out with making just a new "coliseum" for me to build in and then I experimented with throwing down objects that fit the aesthetic of the new coliseum. Thanks goes to Sven and Chilli for helping me come up with a decent base layout. The layout is loosely based on Isolation from Halo 3. From there I worked and worked and worked and had the first playable version of the map ready after the first week. From there many helped me playtest and tweak the map to perfection with cover and weapon balancing. Notable names are A 3 Legged Goat, Jonzorz, IK1R, and many other RP regulars. We work as a community to bring out the best in maps. I've played dozens of games on this to ensure its quality. I hope you enjoy this map to the fullest and I will do my best to try to get it into Halo: Reach's matchmaking system for millions to enjoy.


      Noklu said...

      Needz moar scorpionz 1/5.

      the_Jflood said...

      Nice map although I think I may had a bit of an overdose on it. Downloaded, Recommended, etc, etc. Oh and this post just reminded me how is Basilica going?

      Eric Su said...

      Nice! This map got into matchmaking! Congrats.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Thanks Eric... we are all excited to pwn bitches on this map in matchmaking... that is until people learn how to play it well. lol...

      II TR1BAL II said...

      I think I said this in the lobby when you announced it'd made it into Matchmaking, but I wanna say it again 'cos you deserve it. Big congrats dude.

      I seriously cannot wait to play this map in Matchmaking. It's gonna be epic.