1. Community Map Analysis Index

      written by Ray Benefield
      January 4th, was a monumental day. The first batch of community Team Slayer maps that were submitted to the Forgetacular contest hosted by Bungie were added to matchmaking in a Community Slayer playlist. These 9 maps started the train of maps that will be injected into community playlists. Based on voting statistics some may eventually be added to the official matchmaking playlists.

      As these maps come out myself and my crew of RP level designers (and guest level designers) will take the time to fully analyze each and every one of these maps to find things that could have been done better, things that worked well, and other things that stand out to us. My goal is to make each analysis as objective as possible. Each map is to be played at least once and then the whole group is brought into forge to discuss the good and the bad of the map as I take notes and analyze with them. I'll then take screenshots and write up an objective analysis. I may throw in my own opinion at the end of each map, but it truly depends on the map. This post will serve to be the index of all the future posts I put up, so save this and keep checking back up on it. Just in case you lose it, each individual thread will link back to this.

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      Community Slayer Rotation 1

      The first batch of community slayer maps were pushed out on January 4th, 2011.

      ***Coming January 6th*** Aspirocity
      ***Coming January 6th*** Capacitor
      ***Coming January 6th*** Elevation
      ***Coming January 7th*** Enclosed
      ***Coming January 7th*** Endzeit
      ***Coming January 7th*** Obsidian
      ***Coming January 8th*** Reverence
      ***Coming January 8th*** Thrust
      ***Coming January 8th*** Ziggurat