1. Public Beta for Affinity

      written by Ray Benefield
      Are you ready for another once in a life time experience? Are you ready to participate in something that could change the lives of everyone in the community? Or is that too much for you to handle? Don't miss out on improving the experience of your fellow Halo fans. Dive in and show that YOU have something to offer the Halo Community.

      My latest map Affinity is now officially in public beta. What does that mean folks? It means that the map is almost prepped and ready to fight its way into matchmaking through the thousands of maps out there, but it needs your assistance. Matchmaking is an area where YOU, the community, play to your heart's desire. In order to provide you with the best experience possible, every map considered for matchmaking should be fine tuned to your liking. This is your chance to offer your feedback and input to improve this map to not only your standards, but the standards of your peers as well. I do not wish to fight to put a map into matchmaking without your approval first. Because this map is for you and your friends to share fun and enjoyable experiences together.

      Affinity is a heavily Halo: CE themed map. It brings the old Halo: CE architecture back to the world of Halo for you to enjoy once more. Affinity, however, is not a remake. Affinity features a design similar to that of a box with a cross in the center. It uses a specially designed floor mixed with unique textures of particular objects to bring you back to the good old days of Halo. Not only that it features the return of Portable Shields to competitive Halo combat. Take a trip down sword hall and fight for the glorious blade in a heated long range battle. Clash on the upper level around portable shield doors and show the opposition your marksman skill with the dreaded sniper rifle. Delve in the storage room beneath the meat of the combat to find yourself precious explosives like the grenade and rocket launchers. Sneak around the longer route by the back windows and flank your opponents while they are distracted. Whatever your style, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Are you ready to test your skills on a masterpiece in both gameplay and aesthetics?

      Playing on Affinity

      Affinity is best played on games that feature two teams, but also supports free for all gameplay. It supports all gametypes except Invasion and Race. What are the best gametypes to play? For team games I highly suggest Team Slayer, Multi/Neutral Bomb, and Multi-Flag. For FFA you will always find fun playing standard Slayer or maybe even a game of Headhunter Pro. Optimal party size for teams is 5v5 or 6v6, but the map still plays rather well 4v4 to 7v7... 8v8 may be a bit too chaotic. For FFA the map plays best with anywhere from 4-8 players.


      So what are you waiting for? Download the beta version of Affinity and headback over here with your feedback on how I can improve the maps gameplay for you to enjoy to its fullest. Pay special attention to weapon spawn timers, weapon placement, or minor adjustments of cover. Also if you see any visual discrepancies like Z-Fighting or mis-alignment of textures please let me know so I can remove them. Also give the map a try on several different gametypes and let me know what you think about objective placement. Affinity is in your hands now folks. I look forward to working with all of you. Enjoy my fellow halo fans!


      Nikatorus said...

      Needs a scorpion. And a fuel rod gun. And maybe a seafood restaurant.