1. [RP Favorites] Vistage

      written by Ray Benefield
      Another day, another post. Today I bring you another RP favorite. Yesterday we had a blast playing customs all day, you guys would have wanted to be there... trust me. ;) Also in the background, Basilica is coming together nicely and I think it will be ready for a public beta fairly soon. Jonzorz and I have to make some kill zone adjustments as well as find a way to clean up some of the framerate drops around the map. It is a beautiful infantry based BTB map that I think the lot of you will enjoy. Speaking of Jonzorz, he is the designer behind today's favorite. Enjoy folks!

      Vistage is one of the few Invasion experiences that I enjoy playing on. The whole experience requires a good sense of teamwork in order to prevail as the attacking elites. The first phase starts with the elites rushing in to grab one of two territories on a 20 second timer. Get some guys laying down some cover fire in the background and some guys hiding around the territories as spawners and you should take this with little opposition. The second phase has you taking a bomb to destroy the gates into the base. It is played on a huge field with tons of cover for people to bob and weave around. Take drop shield for this phase as elites, you won't regret it. And finally the third phase is an epic battle to get the data core out of the base and up to the phantom pick up zone. This is where the vehicular action kicks in. Grab your banshee from the area in phase 1 or jump in a revenant or wraith and wreak havoc on the UNSC base. It will be tough to fight the likes of their tank and falcon, but I'm sure you can do it with enough wits. I hope you enjoy this map as much as I have and good luck in the Forgetacular Jonzorz.


      Topher said...

      Your new map better be Topher-proof.

      We'll see GP, we'll see.

      Nikatorus said...

      Dude we have an awesome forum full of many people who play halo. Join it and introduce yourself. You'll find yourself having a blast.