1. Introducing Satyros

      written by Ray Benefield
      Today's post is a little later than normal so I apologize. My sleep schedule is all wonky. Anyways, today I wanted to talk to you guys about a little something called Satyros. Satyros is a group at a site called HaloCharts.com. So what's so special about this group? Well this group could be your ticket to getting your map in matchmaking if you are dedicated enough. And from today's Bungie Weekly Update, you have probably heard that Community playlist maps are pretty much going to be solely coming from the Community Cartographers. So I would definitely give this a read if your goal is to get your map in matchmaking for thousands of people to enjoy.

      Basics of the group

      So Satyros is a group at HaloCharts.com as I said. It is a group run by a slowly growing friend of mine Obi Wan Stevobi. Some of you may recognize him from the BNet forums. Obi is one of the 15 Community Cartographers that are in charge of selecting maps for matchmaking. Each cartographer finds maps in their own way, and Satyros is Obi's way of finding maps. The groups main purpose is just to display maps for matchmaking and other events like the most recent BTB tournament. Satyros is also a good way to make friends and spread your name out into the community. Remember that making a reputation for yourself is a big deal if you want to get to where you are going. Make friends and join playtests and who knows, your map could be the next Affinity.

      How to join the group

      Joining is easy. Go to HaloCharts.com and make an account. Once you do that then go to the Satyros main page and request to join it. Eventually Obi will get around to accepting your request and you will be able to see the forums. For the most part the only threads that exist on the forum are Map Posts and Test Nights. So when you do join, make sure you don't flood the forum. Download some maps and check out what's going on around the place and get familiar with the setup. Make sure you read the rules and be respectful to the rest of the members in the group.

      Why spend time joining?

      I've pretty much covered this, but this is one way to get your ticket into matchmaking. Also learning to join communities and become a member of them is a great way to build your reputation and if you have read the forge lessons then you know how much more weight your content gains from people just knowing who you are. Also I happen to be one of the mods so if I do see something that is matchmaking worthy I can support it and propose it to Obi personally. So if you have made yourself a name around here, then you already have a leg up on the competition in Satyros. What are you waiting for Mr. Joe Smith? Aren't you ready to progress in skill and turn yourself into something bigger than just a forge novice? Advertising is just as important to level designers. It ain't all about what you create, but also how you present it. In the future I'll be covering some tips to posting maps and drawing attention to your creations so pay attention folks. :P Hopefully I'll see you at Satyros soon.


      BadCompany Brik said...

      I already kind of have my own way of getting to the CCs, and I don't have enough time to spread myself out even more than I am already, but maybe some time.