1. No Ordinary Post

      written by Ray Benefield
      Welcome again folks. What a beautiful day it is. Pageviews are slowly starting to jump pack up to its old standard of 1K views per day. Right now we are at 500. Make sure to spread the word that RP is back up and running and the next lesson will be up this weekend. Hopefully urk is still in the mood for front paging them. lol... there is very little going on in the Halo world right now so today will be one of those slightly off topic posts, but you won't be disappointed folks. I want to let you in on my all time favorite show that airing now with the next new episode coming out next week. Here is the trailer for you to feast your eyes on... cuz we all know that videos speak a million words. ;)

      My summary

      So what exactly is No Ordinary Family? Well if you have seen or heard of Smallville where they do a real life series of Superman, it is sort of like that but with the Incredibles family. Not exactly the Incredibles, but similar. The father has super strength, invincibility (for the most part), super jumping, etc. The mother has superspeed, traveling at basically a mile per 6 seconds. The daughter can read minds and many other things in later episodes. The son has a super brain that has pretty much instant learning capabilities and can calculate things extremely quickly. Like he can crack the most difficult encryption out there in a matter of seconds and can calculate the angle and force that a football needs to be thrown to reach his target if his target is traveling at X MPH. As the season rolls on they realize that they aren't the only ones with special abilities. Also they learn new ways to use their abilities and they explore how they got them in the first place.

      So why watch it?

      With a good mix of comedy, a little bit of drama here and there, and lots of action packed scenarios and unique situations this show has grown to be my favorite TV series, just above Prison Break. Watching as each character grows and matures in learning to use their powers in different ways is one of the reasons I watch this. Especially watching the son use his super brain for many applications. At first I thought it would be the worst of the four, but the writers have proven me wrong. Check out this scenario. Something in a building crashes and this lady is covered by a bunch of structural bars and what not from the crash. She's still alive, but if the wrong bar is pulled then the pile could crush her. The father reaches to pull a bar out, but the son stops him and calculates every possible situation and angle and figures out exactly what bar to pull and how hard to avoid a disastrous situation. This is just one thing amongst mixing chemicals for compounds and many other crazy things that are heavily math based. Everything in this world is math related. The TV series is extremely well produced with a very strong cast and a strong set of writers. Many of the Smallville writers and a writer from Chuck is on the team as well. They also just introduced Lucy Lawless (the actress who played Xena: Warrior Princess) as a new antagonist. I STRONGLY suggest following this series.

      Where to start

      Alright so legally you can watch the latest 5 episodes online at ABC. However if you want to play catchup, you've got to go through some shady means to do so. I in no way condone doing so. You make your own decisions. :P However, word on the street is that there is a great site for doing such shady things out there somewhere for TV shows. ;) Hopefully you enjoy the series as much as I do. If you watch any of the episodes get back to me with what you think, because I would love to have more people to talk to about it. The next episode (18) airs next week Tuesday on ABC at 8|7C.


      Noklu said...

      You know what is a similar show? Not so much math, but more social drama though. It's a BBC show called "Misfits." Very...real. It's pretty awesome.

      Averagekidd1 said...

      Sooooo its basically The Incredibles except its not a cartoon.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      That's pretty much exactly what it is. Of course with different powers and they weren't born with these powers.

      Captainpineapple44 said...

      Hey Godly I just watched all the latest episodes and, wow that was a pretty awesome show. Thanks for the recommendation. And keep up the daily posts :)

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