1. Transforming Halo Tactics

      written by Ray Benefield
      Wuts up peepz. Another day, another post. Last night I had a crazy idea and I went through with it this morning. I'm definitely going to need your guys' help to get this idea fully through. Are you ready to help out? Aside from this little crazy idea, last night I watched the new episode of No Ordinary Family. The latest episode is where shit is starting to really happen and the action and suspense is building. If you haven't tried watching this series, then I highly suggest you give it a shot folks. You can watch the last 5 episodes at ABC. Let's move on to this crazy idea of mine.

      What's wrong with Halo Tactics

      For those of you who don't know what Halo Tactics is, you can play catch up by reading it's full description or at least watching the gameplay video. Halo tactics is a unique KOTH gametype that uses several complicated systems to create a turn based experience. However because of the crazy complex systems the gametype has several limitations. The first main one is that players have to wait a full minute before actually getting to play because the extra armor abilities/hills have to despawn to stop players from abusing the system. The next limitation is that the game has to be an elimination gametype to offer a kill-based win system, and even then you can only have one life otherwise you can't respawn with a hill. Also we only really have the option to set 3 second turns as opposed to 5 seconds which would play out much better. Another issue is that players are able to stand on each other's heads to take a turn at the same time as the player below them. To avoid this I had to remove jumping from the gametype. Also special maps have to be made specifically for the gametype and these maps can be extremely difficult to put together. And who could forget the annoying "HILL MOVED! HILL CONTROLLED!". Well I finally figured out a solution to all of these problems folks.

      So Jeremiah, I've got a gametype for you

      What's my solution? Well there was a point in time where Jeremiah told us that if we suggest a gametype they can look into fully scripting it for us if it has potential. Bro Slayer, Power Slayer, Speedpile, and Hammerball are all great examples of this. So I looked into how to create a gametype that fulfilled our needs for tactics while still acting as a flexible gametype within the possibilities of their scripting system. What did I come up with? A modified juggernaut based on a timer similar to stockpile, safe havens, and the new crazy king. Basically each player gets juggernaut for a certain amount of time and then it switches to someone else instead of being passed on based on killing the juggernaut. This is definitely in the realm of possibility and it is exactly what Halo Tactics is. Each person gets a chance to be special for a certain amount of time.

      How this solves things

      So what does this solve? Well it pretty much solves everything. Juggernaut has a kill scoring system based on killing the juggernaut or killing as the juggernaut, so Halo Tactics no longer has to be elimination based. Meaning that we can actually have respawning in Halo Tactics so no more waiting around until the end of the game if you die. Since it is juggernaut we no longer need labels on armor abilities that players have to carry. So there is no longer a minute long wait to start the game. Also that means we can use loadouts to create a class system. Thanks to that we also don't need a specific map for this to work at all, it can now be played on any map period. And since player's are juggernauts they can't gain any proximity traits, so standing on another player's head won't do anything meaning that I can add jumping back into the equation. Also I've added several other suggestions like adding a UI indicator that tells you "You are the Juggernaut" or "It is your turn". Or if possible to add dynamic weapon changing so when it is your turn you gain a different weapon. I also suggested removing the narrator's annoying voice. We could also have access to the juggernaut being on fire. Also I suggested giving time intervals from 1-10 atleast so that we can adjust how long the turns last.


      I cannot get this suggested on my own. I need the suggestion to gain a lot of attention and support. I've written up everything already and posted it in the Optimatch forum. I need you to help me keep it alive by posting suggestions, comments, possibilities, questions, etc. By keeping it alive we can show that this is something the community wants. I mean, think about it. Not only would Halo Tactics become a HUGE hit because it can be played on any map, but also think about the possibilities of having a juggernaut system based on timers... essentially turns. Also in a team based variant it would work as a pseudo VIP gametype. Come help me keep this thread alive folks. As a community we can make this happen. It is how we got Affinity into matchmaking and it is how we got the Forge Lessons popular enough to get front paged on BNet. By working together, we can get anything accomplished.

      EDIT: The next episode of No Ordinary Family is at a special time; this Saturday at 10|9 Central:


      Noklu said...

      And it isn't just limited to halo tactics!

      the_Jflood said...

      yay no more hill moved every 5 seconds !! :D

      Wolfpackdragon said...

      Okay so I get why you want to make it easier to play on just about any map; however the original description of halo tactics is: "Halo Chess comes to life..." I'm having trouble seeing how this Chess gameplay is going to be keep.

      Jones said...

      It seems like the biggest issue is that there is no Team juggernaut setting -it would have to be free for all.
      I guess the scripting would have to solve that.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      @Wolfpack Halo Tactics would play exactly the same. When you don't have juggernaut you can't move or deal damage, and when you do have juggernaut you can move and deal damage. EXACTLY the same mechanics, except the gametype can now be played on any map, with loadouts instead of random armor abilities, no minute wait time, and with the added possibility of respawning to allow for players to not be completely out. It still keeps the turn based strategy behind Halo Tactics. What I describe here though is a base gametype that Halo Tactics can be made from.

      @Jones That is exactly where team settings have to come in. The scripting would be the solution and that is why I have proposed it as a new gametype and let them explore the team possibility.

      Maximo Vara said...

      Okay so you are keeping Halo tactics Chess like. I just thought you were straing from the original design for a chance to bring back VIP

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Exactly, it is the same gametype, but minus all the annoying bits and pieces and with a lot more power since we would be able to play it on any map period. :)

      EarlyExecuter said...

      Hey Godly, me and 2 friends tried this gametype in a FFA. When one of my friends died, his body stayed there the whole game regardless of the second life you use to make the body despawn. Idk what went wrong but i though i should let you know. Also, this is just a situation easily described, when the game randomly looks for a new host in the middle of a game, all the weapons and armor ability's respawn and we have to wait another 50ish Seconds to start playing again. Is there any way to solve this?

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Well it takes some time for the body to despawn. Did the game end soon after he died? Like within a minute or two? Because we have never had this problem... eventually everyone's body despawns.

      As for the host thing, sadly there is no way around it. That is part of the reason why I am trying to get this new gametype made by Bungie so we can have a Halo Tactics without the issues. All we can really do is deal with the problems right now. Hopefully with more support in that thread, somebody at bungie will make sure it gets made or atleast looked at and tell us whether everything is possible and whether or not they would consider making it.

      EarlyExecuter said...

      Appearently eventually isn't soon enough. He died roughly 2 minutes after the 50-ish seconds of the game started and afterwords, his body didin't despawn for the whole game so the hill kept changing between his dead body and the rest of the players still alive. We tried figuring out the problem ourselfs. Didint work out so well so i thought i'd ask the creator of this gametype. We tested it a couple times and we kept figuring out that the body always stays there no matter what we do. I checked to see if the lives option was set to 2, it was. So i have no idea what went wrong.