1. No forge lesson this week

      written by Ray Benefield
      Yeah yeah yeah, I've been busy and not posting. :P Suck it. But seriously, I've been busy since Wednesday with our new map Think Twice. Read on for other little things that you may want to know about. OH AND CHECK OUT THE SIDEBAR! We have reached over 300,000 pageviews since launch... that is not bad eh? Next stop 400K. lol... ;)

      Think Twice

      So back to Think Twice, testing is going great. With all of the feedback and testing going on we have made many changes since its first iteration. It is going through one of the fastest development changes I have seen in a forge map and they are going along very smoothly. Today we plan on finishing up the last of the gametypes and making any final minor changes tonight for tomorrow's public beta release. I'm going to do my best to get it up on the Comm Chatter on BNet, but it is completely up to Urk. Maybe if I'm lucky beyond belief and miracles he is reading this and will honor my request... lol. Stay tuned.

      Oh and support the map with feedback and comments in the BNet thread to help bring the hype for the map for the beta release tomorrow: Giving up on Reach maps? Think Twice

      Playtesting expansion

      Alright so I have a lot of friends and what not to test my maps, but as a designer that wants his maps to be the best that they can be I feel like my playtesting base isn't large enough. So I'm going to make it larger. I've had this slight idea of how I can use the silver account idea and friends of friends to expand not only my own testing group but all of my friends as well as providing playtesting sessions for people who can't normally get their maps tested. I've found that many maps go through completely un-tested and forgers do not have access to people who are willing to play their maps let alone give them feedback. So I want to open up an opportunity for them to test with us as a group. Not only will their maps be tested, but anyone that is on my friends list will have access to a more diverse group of playtesters and a much larger group in general. Meaning that after the program takes off we could test BTB maps in the middle of a tuesday night or any time period. Stay tuned for this as well.

      That's all for now

      So I'm going to wrap this up. I just wanted to keep readers in the loop of what is going on. Tomorrow I will be posting the public beta of Think Twice so be back to participate. Oh and I will be working on the user submitted advertisements sometime this week along with the new layout once things lighten up a little with Think Twice. So hopefully we will be getting a bunch more traffic. We are already back at more than 1K pageviews per day. Oh and hopefully I will have the new authors setup sometime this week to hopefully start writing stuff for you guys to read. That may mark the return of RP favorites. So cross your fingers and keep telling people about RP. ;)


      Maximo Vara said...

      I hate you... lol I was looking forward to another lesson. :P

      Nikatorus said...

      My forge skillset just toom a southward dive. I count on your lessons to keep them up.

      Oh well, Genesis will probably still play pretty well if I turn it upside down.