1. Public Beta for Think Twice

      written by Ray Benefield
      Welcome to the next day of your life folks. Today we have a real treat for you. Today we open up the public beta of our newest map, Think Twice. Think Twice was created by A 3 Legged Goat, GodlyPerfection, Jonzorz 124, and Sven Nietzsche in a matter of 5 days starting the brisk Wednesday morning of April 6th. Think Twice features superb and unique gameplay that you will not find in any other map. With this new, innovative, and aesthetically gorgeous center structure, you will find that learning to maneuver the center can be the difference between life and death. Dive in to learn how you can be a part of this great experience and how you can help improve this map and help it reach its perfection.


      The Think Twice Beta was built in a matter of five days and endured extensive testing since its first playtestable version was finished a day after its birth. Think Twice features unique center area of a cross shaped path within a tunnel. You can sit on the bottom level or on the cross path and you can seamlessly traverse between each level, giving you the opportunity to out maneuver your opponents to gain the advantage. Think Twice is built for 4v4 gameplay, but works well with any number of players. Think Twice also features superb performance and has proven to hold up well on 3-player splitscreen with everyone being followed by a trail of fire (an overshield effect). Other than downloading it and trying it yourself, the best way to grasp how it plays is to watch it in action. So we present to you a 4v4 match featuring many iconic figures in the Halo Community in HD. The matchup is as follows:

      Obi Wan Stevobi
      umd z
      Sven Nietzsche

      What we need from you

      We need you to download the beta and play it with your friends. Spread the word. The more people that know about it and play it the better. Then when you are done playing it come back to us with your feedback. Try to abuse anything that you can possibly think of and let us know what you break. The more feedback we get, the better the map can be for its official release. So where should you put your feedback? You can either post it here as a comment or join the large discussion on the BNet Map Discussion thread by Goat. Either way, get your feedback to us so we can make this map the best that it can be. Without you the map would be nothing. Thanks in advance for any time you spend with this map. It was made for you and we hope you enjoy it.


      Alimoha said...

      grav lift ramp is WAY to small

      Nikatorus said...

      I was gone for half a day, and you get Achronos to play on Think Twice.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      He seemed to have fun on it. He talked his normal talk during the game. There were no complaints at all. Oh and did you see that the beta is on the comm chatter? I just want to take the time to tell urk how awesome he is... ;)

      Maximo Vara said...

      Much better than what I saw before. I haven't played the latest version but now it finally looks good alaround. Could you possibly make the transition hallways the same as the middle though? Same diamond design I mean. It would make it more of a uniform aesthetic. Just a thought. Can't wait to play it again. I love how you managed to get it up and running to this quality so fast. No life lol.

      Noklu said...

      You motherfucker. Urk actually put it on the Comm Chatter.

      Silvershay said...

      It is: well, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

      DriedMoss said...

      Being that today is my first day back among the RP crowd, after what seems to be longer than it took God to create the Earth and Heavens, you sneaky little RP goers manage to crank out Think Twice in 5 days? Okay. My first reaction to TT, T2, T-Squared? (okay we'll stick to Think Twice). My first reaction was that the center has all the right objectives met. I feel drawn toward the center. Play sessions have been crazy. Keep testing RP! Think Twice is a step closer to perfection.