1. Think Twice Preview

      written by Ray Benefield
      It has been a few days since posting, and Nik keeps pestering me about that whole playtesting idea I had. I'm putting it on hold, because now I'm held up with a new map. I've been wanting to work on a new map ever since Affinity made the Community Slayer playlist. And now after working with A 3 Legged Goat, Jonzorz 124, and Sven Nietzsche, we have a new map for everyone to enjoy fairly soon. Today we are just previewing it, but be back on Monday when we release the Public Beta for you to play and return to us with your feedback. The rest of this post was written by Goat... I'm just gonna copy and paste from his BNet thread. :P Speaking of, go keep that thread alive and bumped:

      Giving up on Reach's maps? Think Twice.

      Think Twice is an innovative competitive multiplayer map created by GodlyPerfection, Jonzorz 124, Sven Nietzsche, and myself [A 3 Legged Goat]. The map is currently in alpha testing and is set to debut its Public Beta (fileshare uploaded) on Monday, April 11th

      Think Twice is based around a two-layered plus-sign shaped center arena. This series of rooms introduces and meshes a radical aesthetic with a unique gameplay experience unparalled by any map known to the Halo series. The top layer serves as the defined path between the two bases and houses a Plasma Launcher*. On the pathway, there are slits on the side that allow you to drop down to the safer (but smaller) lower portion. The intersection between the 4 paths houses an iconically placed healthpack for players escaping the fray up top to utilize. The center is your quickest way to orient yourself and traverse the map. This is aided by the cardinal directions and coloring of objects.

      We started Think Twice with this center area and worked from there. The premise was to have a map with two identical bases and then two unique side areas. The bases serve as ramps to the top of the map, and also as paths to the lower area where you'll find a Hylebos Spiker. There's a healthpack, DMR, and NR at the base, and Magnums placed in the transitional tunnels. We wanted it to offer variation in height and block line of sight without being cluttered, and we managed to pull it off nicely. Even though there are static spawns on the map, you'll want to pay attention to your base, lest the enemy flank you from behind.

      The transitional tunnels on Think Twice help players distinguish what room they are in and what room they will be going to. When you leave your base and pass through them, you will either arrive at Gold Room or Purple Room. Gold Room offers long lines of sight and introduces a few new aesthetics that many Combat Evolved players will appreciate. The Gravity Hammer makes its triumphant return in this room as well. Unlike the Energy Sword, it has much more versatility in combat, allowing it to shine on this map (and it's badass). Players then have the option of taking the Man Cannon to the center bridge, or continuing forward to the other base (as denoted by the "arrows" on the walls). You'll also find a Needler and healthpack here, as well as two NRs.

      Opposite of Gold Room is Purple Room, which doesn't offer as many lines of sight. This area is focused on CQB, causing it to be much safer to travel should it be uncontested. However, you wont be safe for long if you don't manage to grab the Overshield spawning here. The Overshield allows players to contest the center of the map much easier. A common tactic is to grab it and vault over a similarly placed Man Cannon straight to the center to retake the Plasma Launcher. A good jumper can also land atop the tall generators and earn some height advantage.

      Think Twice is an unforgetable work of genius that is unique from anything players have experienced before. There are so many tactical jumps and areas of interest on the map that will preserve its Lasting Impression and continue to reward players with new discoveries throughout their playthroughs. I'm personally blown away by how awesome the center of the map looks, and it plays very nicely as well. We created all this, and managed to make it friendly for 4-player splitscreen play! However, as you are aware it is in an alpha-state and will continue to undergo internal testing until its Public Beta Debut on Monday, April 11th. Things like weapons, geometry, and spawns are all subject to change between now and the Beta test. The four of us want this map to play great for all crowds of gamers, and we are going great lengths to insure the experience is seamless.

      For now, I will leave you with a hefty batch of delicious screenshots (remember that anything is subject to change)

      >Drop Down
      >Path from blue base
      >Bottom healthpack
      >Think Twice-dual layers

      >Looking down on Blue Base
      >Blue Base
      >Red Base top view

      Purple Room/Overshield/Generator Room
      >View 1
      >Man Cannon
      >View of Red Base from Purple Transition

      Gold or Yellow Room/Hammer/Panels
      >Top view
      >View of center
      >Another view of center
      >Color-coded transition

      (weapons, spawns, and geometry are all subject to change based on playtesting or new ideas)


      Alimoha said...


      Solid, I still enjoy the flexiblity of Affitnity, as it can play a great game of 8v8, and also i great game of 4v4. What flexiblity in player counts will this map hold. Also where on forge world is this placed on, or did you build your own arena, I just find that question interesting-or maybe its secret,
      Still waiting for the Communtiy BTB review, including the review on how every single map except for "Ren-I hate Banshees-Aged" takes place between Montana & Alaska.
      Looking forward to both your next playtesting of Think Twice, and of more BTB and Invasion maps.

      Captainpineapple44 said...

      nice map

      Alimoha said...

      Think twice plays a best game of ffa headhunter-ask Jonzorz 124- excep tthe top level played a little too powerful