1. Introducing: Testing Perfection

      written by DavidJCobb

      Testing Perfection.

      For a good while now, I've been working on an entirely new blog template for Reaching Perfection. I set up a separate test blog to tinker with code and work with Godly on completing the new look.

      The new look is, so far as I can tell, complete. You can check it out by clicking the link above.

      Your opinions, questions, comments, and concerns are much appreciated. Feel free to post them here.

      Run-down of some of the new stuff

      You'll notice, first and foremost, a new column in the layout containing some scrolling boxes. This is the adbar. Oh, but don't worry! We won't be featuring any of those annoying, bandwidth-wasting, RAM-draining, user-browsing-habits-tracking, privacy-sabotaging, flashing, blinking, pop-up-spawning pieces of trash that the web calls "ads"! No, these are nothing more than hyperlinks with pictures in them, and Godly himself will be managing them. I assure you, this adbar shall not become a hive of irrelevant and irritating trash. (Besides, you probably won't even be able to see it, because most ad-blocking browser add-ons automatically hide anything called "adbar". :P)

      Next on the list is a new affiliates section on the sidebar, featuring our first affiliate: XForgery. We've taken more time than we should've to get this affiliate business straightened out (apologies, Null and Tim), but now that everything's set up, we shouldn't have any more problems in this area.

      So when's this stuff going live?

      Soon. :P

      ...And what do I need to do, if I want to help out?

      Your opinions, questions, comments, and concerns are much appreciated. Feel free to post them here.


      Noklu said...

      Your shiz is stupid cobb. Jks, I love you (and TP)!

      BadCompany Brik said...

      About the ad bar... if my program blocks it, does Godly still get ad income?

      GodlyPerfection said...

      BadCompany Brik This isn't your standard ad setup like on most sites. This is a custom created system that allows users like yourself to pay to put their maps up on the front page for all visitors to see. There is no revenue based on people seeing the ad or clicking on it... all of the revenue comes from those that choose to purchase ad space.
      So basically the answer is no, you don't stop ad revenue... what you do stop is the advertising for a person who purchased ad space.

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