1. Public Beta for Château

      written by Ray Benefield
      I know... I've been busy. And it might not get any better considering I have a kid on the way next month. These past two weeks I've been busy with my new 4v4 map that I have just released in public beta this morning. Are you not in on the loop? Well let's get you caught up shall we?

      Thanks to AgentPaperCraft for the trailer

      I first got the idea of Château's layout from playing Brink. I found a section of a map that I liked, morphed it in my head and over time it turned into what you see in the trailer above. The map is designed to be a lot more complex than my previous maps, while still being simple enough to learn. While there are direct routes to every location that requires no jumping, if you know where to look there are jumps that can get you around to various places much quicker than normal. Brink's parkour movement based gameplay inspired the map's design as I built it and the result is truly magnificent. Since this is a beta, I won't delve to far. Download the beta and get back to me with your feedback folks.

      Also come support the map in the BNet Reach forums:

      First came Affinity, then Think Twice, and now... Château


      III Tribal said...

      Both games I've played on this were awesome. I was a bit tired so I wasn't taking them too seriously (apologies to Weegee and Nova on this front!), but the gameplay was engaging and the layout, whilst being slightly more complex than some, was still perfectly easy to navigate. Orientation is made easier by nicely placed respawns and those lovely walkway covers. Good job. Lookforward to more games on it this weekend.

      Nikatorus said...

      Chateau? Really?

      Anonymous said...

      Amazing content!
      Thank you for this share!

      Trickery said...

      Played the map with 7 other friends. We played it more than 10 times because the map is AMAZING! You have really outdone yourself this time! Bungie should accept this as a map and put it in Matchmaking! The only thing I would love to be changed it more cover. Most of the map is generally open and easy to kill in. Other than that the map is Amazing!!!