1. The RP Community Rocks

      written by Ray Benefield
      Those of you guys who read this and those of you who I play with in game as well as those on the forums here are awesome. All of you. With the birth of my firstborn on Bungie Day, I am slowly pulling away from the forging. So you may not see me on as much. Who knows, maybe that means that I will be on here more and posting more. I've undergone a new project that I will hopefully be writing about and sharing with you guys. Just wanted to tell you guys that you are awesome.

      Speed Forging at it's best

      So while I've been busy around the house, EagleOnFire and Dirt Jockey on the forums have been hard at work building awesome stuff. One such stuff is an epic looking RP logo in Eagle's Portfolio. These guys have got some skillz and to show how appreciative I am of their efforts, I wanted to share their work with you guys. Here is one of the screenshots, and their are tons more hidden in Eagle's Recent Screenshots. Grab them while their still hot.

      Also here is a video of them speed forging the logo. That shit looks hot folks. Thanks for your guys' contribution. It reminds me of how awesome this community is and it is what made me want to post today.

      Baby almost on board

      So as stated in the intro, baby Lucas will be born on Bungie Day, July 7th, 2011. Manda and I are both extremely excited. This does mean that I'm going to slow down my activity on the xbox. It is time I start kicking things into high gear. I will be putting together my portfolio and my polished resume to apply for 343i's Multiplayer Designer position. I don't have any professional experience, but I am definitely passionate about this career field and I give it my all. So hopefully they will see my dedication in the work I have put into for the Halo Community. So if you don't see me much online this is all why. I'll be working on adding to that portfolio in the next few weeks with my new project.

      Taking the next step

      So I've got years of experience with forge now and working to meet the needs and wants of the Halo Community using forge. It is time to step up my game. I'm diving into the 3D modeling scene and more advanced editors. I tried to do this with UDK, but my computer said no so I had to stop. My first step up is researching, learning, and recreating forerunner architecture. Sketchup will be my main source of the whole recreation side of things, but I am using this research to create maps using forerunner aesthetic to add to my portfolio for presentation to 343 industries. My first project in this endeavor is to create my latest map Chateau with a full forerunner make over. I'm no artist, but I want to at least be able to create something to help others visualize what is in my mind. This should help well when working with environmental artists to get my vision of the map that I built so they have somewhere to start and work with. This is my FIRST time diving into 3D modeling so my work is very amateur. Below is the result of one day of dedicated studying of forerunner stuff in Halo 2.

      Click to enlarge

      This is a door between two strut styled pillars inspired by architecture on Colossus of Halo 2. These are supposed to be replacements of the pillars on Chateau and the door to main level with a window above it. The door was kind of similar to Beaver Creek's red base door, just not as flat. This is just to start. I've spent today studying a lot of Halo 3's forerunner architecture and it is much more advanced. The door is the first thing I'm going to redesign. I also need something for a window design to put above the door, like in Chateau. The pilars with most be redesigned, but I had to start somewhere. I'm starting with recreating current forerunner stuff before I delve into creating my own. Let me know what you guys think so far. Be nice, I'm new to this kind of stuff. :P Hopefully I will be able to create beautiful stuff in the future without the restrictions of Forge and then transfer my creations to UDK or Halo Custom Edition or something. Peace for now folks. Gonna go work some more. ;)


      Noklu said...

      awesome, bro. I think I'll have to step up my writing/finding endeavours for the blog. Maybe in my break (starting two days from now) I'll write tons and build up a back log. Or maybe I won't. I don't know, it's the way it'll work out. 

      good luck with lucas!

      Captainpineapple44 said...

      Good luck man thanks for everything, especially the I'm awesome comment, it's both appreciated and true :). I think that you'd be great at 343 and they'd be lucky to have you. I guess we'll be seeing you around. 

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I ain't out for the count quite yet. ;) I just won't be on XBL as much as I used to be.

      Weegee said...

      When I get to NC I will be on the internet for most of the day.

      Good luck with your kid.

      Sixty3Zero said...

      No, no, no. YOU rock for putting together this community in the first place.

      Stay classy. Good luck with that fatherhood. ;)

      Nikatorus said...

      You know you rock, don't even try to deny it.

      When you're on the inside of 343i, you gotta hook us up, bro. Beta-Tests, leaks, sneak peeks, etc. Just don't get yourself fired.

      Good luck with Perfection Junior. And pop in every now and then and play a few games.

      This feels like a turning point in both Halo and RP.

      Null said...

      I won, my boy was born 10 days ago :P

      GodlyPerfection said...

      I won't be that inactive until I do get employed so don't count me out quite yet. Things will just be slowing down on XBL. I'll be on the computer more for sure. ;)

      UnexpectedBang said...

      Godly, udad bro?
      (I've been waiting weeks to say that, I can't keep it in any longer lol)

      Good luck, and congratulations!

      Weegee said...

      I lol'd

      GodlyPerfection said...

      lol congratz null. And fuck you! :P And lol unexpected. That's hilarious.

      the dropbounce said...

      it was good playin customs with you man... makes me wish i had entered the scene a little sooner. chateau has turned out really well... i remember playing on it with you guys when it was called 'refuel'. hopefully we can get a game or two going before you're gone for good

      you should hit up titmar about the 3d modeling, he's crazy about that shit, you might learn a thing or two.

      either way, good luck with your family, wish you all the best, and good hunting with your endeavors

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Don't count me out bro. :) I'm still here. And I'm not planning on getting into full 3D modeling. I'm no artist. lol... but if I do need some tips I will hit him up. I've made some good progress on that today. I'll write a post about it. I re-did the door and worked on a couple of styles for the window. Next up is the pillar. And keep sticking around, just cuz I'll be a little inactive doesn't mean I'm gone for good and it doesn't mean the fun is over. The RP guys are a very active crew. Integrate yourself and make some friends.

      DriedMoss said...


      Wonderful news about Lucas. I see where you're going, and applaud your dedication. I too am moving across similar margins. With XBL forging/level design on one side and the need to meet career milestones and solidify positional advantage on the other.

      It's a balance that will pay off at the ultimate conclusion. Keep up the activity. Go make 343 better.

      See you all later.