1. Lucas Mason Benefield

      written by Ray Benefield
      Happy Bungie Day everyone!!! What's so awesome about today? Well several things. First of all it is my sister's birthday... who just turned 17 and will be heading into her senior year of high school. Good luck sis and love you tons. It also marks the 20th anniversary of Bungie Studios. From their creation of Gnop! to Halo: Reach, Bungie has been creating great games with a huge attention to detail for 20 years. They've have revolutionized gaming many times, and I'm sure they will continue being awesome going forward. While Bungie is awesome and all, there is something that is MUCH more important to me than that today. Today was the birth of our first child, Lucas Mason Benefield.

      [Click to enlarge]

      A bit of a description

      So Lucas was born at 8 pounds and 2 ounces. He is 20.5 inches long... saying long feels kind of weird. Kinda feels like I'm talking about a vertically challenged animal like a crocodile or something. Anyways, he was born with a MASSIVE amount of hair on his head. Right now it is a very dark brown like his mother. He's also got a fuzzy back and hair on his lower backside... lol. He has my cheek dimples, and he has Manda's shoulder dimples. He seems to be quite mellow when he is awake. Let's hope it stays that way. Because he was breached, he has a very round head... like a softball. Ummm... for now that's all I can really think of. A ton of people want to see some pictures. And since it is only his first day, there really isn't much to talk about. So onward with the pictures... I'll try to do them in chronological order. Warning! Baby penis may exist... :P Remember that if you want to see a bigger version, just click on the picture.

      Cutting his umbilical cord after getting cleaned up

      Just about ready to see mom

      Laying with his mother while she gets patched up

      His full head of hair

      Getting weighed... look at him smile. :)

      Bet you can't tell I took that myself. ;) I did sort of cheat... but shhh. Totally my new facebook pic.

      Nice and snug with his mother

      Not a bad shot...

      That's definitely one of the better shots.

      Caught with his eye open finally

      Last shot for the day folks

      Donations to the Benefield fund

      I know that several people have approached me about buying something for Lucas and helping us out in one way or another. Your best bet is to probably just donate some money. I'm not soliciting, I'm just here to open up the option for those who want it. You can also donate for other reasons, not just Lucas. Maybe you want to donate for the work I put into the forge lessons. Or maybe you want to just give a little for any help I may have given you. Or maybe you want to pay me for my awesome map making skills and providing you with quality content to play in Team Slayer. ;) lol... You may also just be a nice guy out to help someone else. Notice how self-centered I am... lol. But seriously whatever the reason, your donation will be more than cherished and it will not go to waste. The one of the first things we definitely plan on using the money for is getting Lucas circumcised. Which is anywhere from like $200 to $500 and is not covered by our health insurance.

      The donations are run through paypal. You do not need a paypal account to donate at all. Apparently all major credit cards are accepted or what not. There is a very minor fee. The formula is 2.9% + $0.30. So for every $100 it would run a fee of $3.20. No biggie. If you are out of the country there is an additional 1% fee. I think that is really all you need to know for that. Let's move on shall we?

      What's to come

      So Lucas is now born, what's next in the world of GP? Well good sir, I'm glad you asked. First of all, I'm handing the reigns to Noklu and Cobb for the next couple of posts. Also with all this focus on Lucas' birth, I completely forgot up to a few days ago that my 23rd birthday is on the 11th in four days. Yep, my birthdate is 7/11/88 and Lucas' is 7/7/11. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. The site battle between XF and RP is coming on Saturday. If you missed that then you may still be able to sign up as a backup player. I believe somebody will be doing a write up on our side of things. So look forward to that. Also if you missed it, I am designing a new card game that is codenamed "Threatened". Ummm... oh and Château should be hitting matchmaking around July 12th according to Jeremiah. Look out for that as well. That's all I've got for now... it has been a long and wonderful day. I'll catch you guys around the forums. ;) I won't be on XBL until at LEAST Saturday, and that is no guarantee now that I have Lucas to take care of. We shall see. Love you guys and thanks for the support everyone. :D


      Noklu said...

      Cool story bro! :D Nah, seriously that's awesome. Congratulations! 

      Illusions_pure_love said...

      "Warning! Baby penis may exist... :P Remember that if you want to see a bigger version, just click on the picture" I don't think I really want to see a bigger version of baby penis but thanks for the tip ;) he's very cute congrats I have now decided I want mine out now so I can see what he looks like lol Well congrats love and miss yall ~Billy

      ExternalMemory said...

      I'm so happy for you both. In my tradition, birth is one of the few sacraments in our lifetimes. As a firstborn, I know he'll find the strength to be a leader in his lifetime. Godspeed and good will toward you and your own in the days ahead!

      noklu said...

      Now I feel like I'm not expressing my happiness for you, Ray, quite enough...compared to EXEM I'm chickenfeed. I honestly am overjoyed for you guys, and I've no way of expressing that in text...but it's there!

      Robert Munro said...

      Congrats man! Wow ofcourse your baby would be born on Bungie day...props bro props

      Nikatorus said...

      Congrats man. Make some memories and do me proud.

      UnexpectedBang said...

      I honestly have never seen a baby with so much hair.

      Ronald Alex Good said...

      Congratulations, and whoever made circumcision a popular thing should have his dick chopped off, he'll be fine, it will give him incentive to wash his pee pee better. 

      the_Jflood said...

      Good luck getting a nights sleep from now on :P. But with all seriousness Congratulations and may he bring you joy.

      Dj7291993 said...

      Congrats Ray!  I'll be praying for you.  Look forward to seeing you turn into a parent. ;)

      Dj7291993 said...

      Umm, if I recall correctly, that would be God.  Old testament, part of the covenant with Abraham.

      Richie Burke said...


      Amoz said...

      You're going to mutilate your child and deny him something that is part of his natural body ? I'm not going to let this personal disagreement invalidate your contributions to the community, but it's safe to say I won't be donating anything... I'm sorry to be a downer at a time like this but I just don't feel right not saying something.

      At any rate, congratulations to you both.

      Captain pineapple44 said...

      Amoz your just ignorant. Circumcision is actually good for a person, It helps
      prevent sickness and disease. Big congratulations Godly, your son is seriously
      cute, and hairy lol :P.

      Homer said...

      Congratz! I'm happy for you, Godly.


      Haha I'm just kidding. But really congrats. I'd donate like 20 bucks if I had a credit card lol.

      Crysis Hero said...

      Congrats man! Welcome to the club. Good luck getting a Killing Spree with a newborn screaming in your face. It's always my 5th Daily Challenge.

      Amoz said...

      Pineapple: The diseases that are curbed via circumcision are pretty rare. Doctors used to think circumcision prevented STIs but this has since been disproved.

      Jonathan-David: Yep, I totally agree. On a less moral and more visceral note, the foreskin is more sensitive than the underlying skin and makes for - which I cannot attest to, having been denied my birthright - more pleasurable sex.

      Crysis Hero said...

      Congrats man! Welcome to the club. Good luck getting a Killing Spree with a newborn screaming in your face. It's always my 5th Daily Challenge.