1. RP vs. XF: Call to Arms

      written by noklu
      HOORAH! Our inaugural Site Battle is coming up, with a worthy contender in XForgery. RP vs. XF. Our team is being assembled, so, members, head over to the sign up thread now to join the fight. XF are providing their very best, and I'm afraid of losing, so we want you! (Well, if you are good at Halo...) And, to pump adrenalin through your veins, C0deReader has kindly written a Call to Arms for our psychological aid - and so XForgery may tremble in fear! Also, you'll notice our fancy 'Brought To You By:' HTML wonder below, so give a shout out to DavidJCobb for his work.

      Brought To You By: C0deReader

      Call to Arms

      The bronze sun dimmed and flickered with the passage of ash and dust over its fiery eye. Our backs were bowed under the weight of war and the long journey behind us. We, the Perfectionists, could see the scarred lands spread out before us, and the choked plumes of smoke that arose from the wreckage of our foe’s previous threat. Our enemy stood proudly on a blackened hill that oversaw the red sand. More blood would soon be spilt by both sides, adding to the horrific blood-stained desert.

      Our armor gleamed as if we were fresh from the line, heralded to battle from some far off factory. We knew better though, having trained for so many months amongst nameless ones. We had trained and returned valiantly from the throes of death many times, with not a scar to show. Our men were hardened soldiers, their minds and bodies tempered in Forge.

      But lo, it was time. Time for these desert sands to consume the aimless blood of many. Time for war.

      Our tanks fired - warning shots - deep behind the enemy lines, shaking their resolve and rattling their hearts. Brigades of men marched to the fore clutching rifles and grenades with equal parts derision, fear and bravado. Small companies of scouts roved the flanks, seeking intel and advantageous terrain. Staccato gunfire erupted in the distance, signalling skirmishes between opposing scout teams and serving as the prelude to the real show. In the sky above, aircraft swarmed and dodged in an ultimately futile fight for air superiority. This battle would be won – or lost – by boots on the ground.

      At long last, we were ready. Death let loose a macabre laugh that echoed across the battlefield as he awaited the legions of soldiers that were soon to arrive.

      No matter how one justifies, condemns, legitimises or declaims Battle, it remains exactly that. Battle. It is the raw, primal essence of our caveman forbears. Humanity may claim to fight for many idealistic goals, but only the Battle matters in that charged moment of war. Now is time for that moment.

      We’ve spent many days within Forge, moulding our greatest creations into existence with infusions of skill and dedication. We’ve tested these creations almost to the point of sadism. Well, things are still the same. Yet, they are also different. We now engage actively in community wars to foster a spirit of brotherhood in the fires of battle. We fight proudly and valiantly on the fields of community battles.

      Our first target is within our sight, XForgery. A Community much like ours, and a worthy affiliate. We have mutually agreed to take part in a special event where our armies will fight until our last breath.

      As quoted from XForgery: This tournament's victor will be decided by the best of seven games. Reaching Perfection, as the challenger, will have the choice of the first two maps and gametypes. XForgery will then fire back with two choices of their own. Afterwards, Reaching Perfection will be given the choice of fifth and seventh maps, while XForgery will call the sixth and the tiebreaker(if necessary)
      The event will take place on Saturday, July 9th at 7:00 PM EST.


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