1. Site Battle Recap

      written by noklu

      So, we've had our inaugural Site Battle! Now, I'm writing this in advance and won't/didn't take part in it, so I have absolutely no clue what will happen/has happened. ;P And, just to keep the suspense up, you must click the read more link to see the result! In other news, I'm shouting out to Lucas and the Benefield family, Godly's first son has entered this world with style - and hair. Good luck with you three, and I'm sure everyone is wishing you well along with me. Also, I'm still looking for anybody willing to write design articles for the blog - email me at xnoklu@gmail.com. Read more to see who won!

      The Winner is The Perfectionists

      HOORAH folks. Our banner waves triumphant over the corpses of the XForgery team. It was a long battle - seven games - but The Perfectionists prevailed! There isn't really too much to say here, but go partay!TM folks and give our team a well earned pat on the back. You should also console the XF members on their loss ;P. And, to make this all easy for you, I've provided you links that will open directly into a message field for each and every member! You may now repeatedly message congratulations - or consolations, as required - to every member! As many times as possible!

      The Perfectionists

      The Flying Zeros


      The day of the site battle was quite interesting. I didn't know who was participating for sure or if the maps and gametypes I picked were acceptable for the battle. Once a few participants started showing up, we began to practice a bit. It was a bit hectic at first but we managed to get ourselves together before the time arrived. I shot Alzarana party invite so that I could find out when they would be ready and before I knew it, they had joined our lobby. They ALL had the flying zero as their emblem and we quickly noticed we did not have a specific emblem for RP. Then someone suggested the Irrelephant. At that point, everyone on our team scrambled to change the emblem to match.
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      Invasion on Vistage

      The first game was our pick. We started off with something that would allow a sufficient amount of time to warm up while giving us a slight advantage. Invasion on Vistage was quite interesting. XF managed to get the first objective (territories) with only seconds to spare. They ended up being stopped right before they capture the core on the last objective dispute the overtime. They were so close but we managed to kill every carrier As soon as they picked it up. We ended up getting all three points with much time to spare. Alzarahn made a last ditch effort to stop our core carrier right next to the return location but his falcon was shot down with the plasma launcher. Seems this was the first sign that Godly's prediction was coming true.
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      It was a great match up, there were close moments when I thought they were going to do us in, but you know us, we always kick your ass "perfectly".
      ~ AgentPaperCraft

      Team Slayer DMRs on Filaria

      The second game was a standard slayer on a map made by our very own Mythic Fritz. The other team had one player that had definitely played the map before. May be more. We had the home field advantage with an element of surprise in there too. Unfortunately I forgot to set the kill limit to 75 so it was a bit of a short game.
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      Capture the Flag on Reciprocal

      It was there choice now and they decided to pick CTF on a map that not many of us had played. They ended up regretting this when we managed to pull the flag within a few minutes while furiously defending our own. Power weapons were in our possession as well. One we had the lead, we upped our defense even more. They managed to pull the flag once but they only made it half way across the map before we stopped them. We barely recovered the flag; it took three of us on it. They managed to kill us but it was too late. We had recovered it in the nick of time.
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      Team Rocketeer on Sphere

      After yet another victory for RP, XF put up something none of us were expecting. Team Rocketeer was our first lose of the night because we had little experience leading our rocket shots. The random secondary rarely gave us Rifles and many of the RP members were caught off guard.
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      Halo Tactics on Tactical Sanctuary

      It was time for us to respond with our own custom game. Halo Tactics was our next choice. Our members made sure to stay in pairs. Two to the left, two to the right, and two support shooters in our base. They manage to kill only a couple of us while we exterminated there entire team. Of course, this game came with some complains from both teams. It was a necessary deed though. We had to stop there winning streak at all cost! Are we mean for that choice?
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      Gridball on Gridball

      Since XF had already lost, they decided to put up another fun custom. Gridball was also explained a bit before hand and we were the ghost first. Many of us quickly fell to the waters below. When we were up for the Falcons, we were no where near as organized as the enemy. They managed to last several seconds longer which put them at a large lead. We couldn't bridge the gap as quickly as they made it which resulted in our second lose.
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      Team Slayer on week3

      The last game was finally afoot. It was time to put PlanX into action; however, we had already won. Many of our members were against the idea to begin with so we decided not to be ridiculously mean. We put up Gnappy's third map of his weekly challenge, Tier 3. This map produced a fun balance slayer experience that the RP members were craving for as a last game. We won yet again, officially ending the site battle that we had gathered for.
      ~ WolfpackDragon


      It was a fun night to say the least. We had a few betrayals and just about every one of my assassinations were stolen by teammates, but it was still fun. Good games XForgery. Let's do this again!!!
      ~ WolfpackDragon

      This time of year is pretty damn special in more ways than one. RP began officially on the 11th of April, '10 but, RP as we know it really started to get going in July/August so, RP has had it's first Birthday sometime about now. And then, Godly's son was born recently as well and the man himself has his birthday on the 11th! I'd just like to take a moment and revel in the splendour of all those dates coinciding...

      A huge shout out to all RP and XF members that took part in the Site Battle, thanks for all the fun!


      Noklu said...

      Now, Cobb had to splice this post together for me, and I'd like to take a moment to thank his behind the scenes dedication. I also commend Wolfpack for his efforts in putting together pictures and a quote for every single game, it's really appreciated. I am led to believe that EagleOnFire put together or contributed to a film of the final game; I'm sure everybody is grateful to his efforts - and perhaps he can get a couple of the other games on Youtube as well? 

      The remainder of the Site Battle Team (with the exception of AgentPaperCraft) did not contribute to the Recap in any way, shape or form. I understand that every person here have lives and only so much time in the day; however, the level of dedication shown is wanting, especially when compared to Wolfpack and Cobb. 
      I am not saying that this level of effort is required, per se, but I do believe that our members should do their best to support their community and that this event - while successful - has fallen short of my own standards of where I want to see this community. 

      FuN Fortress said...

      Oh, I'm sorry, I'll put my full time job and love interest aside for the sake of the recap, my bad. How selfish of me, using my four hours of time at the house to myself. Tsk tsk Fortress.

      Nikatorus said...

      Fort, using maybe 15 minutes of your time to say a few words about the site battle probably wont degrade your quality of life. Heck, I'm sure you put more than that into the announcement, so I'm sure he wasn't refering to you.

      Great job guys by the way. With any luck, I'll be leading the next battle. And we'll go 7-0. Or else.

      EagleOnFire said...

      Heres the link to game 6
      I dont have any of the games saved but in the future I would be more than willing to capture games. I have no problem doing that. Anyways I will make an official post in my portfolio.

      FuN Fortress said...

      The Hell... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IfjQXvdzD8 This should've been our song for the video.

      EagleOnFire said...

      I like it.....I will use it in a next video...thanks fortress