1. Threatened Prototype: Now Available!

      written by Ray Benefield
      It seems like only a couple weeks ago I talked to you guys about this card game that I was working on designing. Wait... that was a couple weeks ago. Well even with the birth of our newborn, Lucas, I found time to finish up a prototype for basic playtesting and to serve as groundwork. From here I will constantly be coding and re-coding to improve this prototype until I get to a stage where I feel comfortable calling it an alpha. What's this mean? It means that once a week or more I will be releasing a new version of Threatened with updated and added features like menus, animations, sound effects, new cards, party customization, etc. Interested in keeping up with it? Dive in and find out more by reading on as well as watching this video demonstration that I threw together:

      Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the artwork in the prototype at all. This art is all temporary for now.

      How to play

      Alright so I did the video demonstration, but some of you may find it easier to actually read stuff or may not be able to watch youtube right now. So I'll cover the bare basics here. First download the Zip archive above, extract the contents to somewhere, and run the setup program. Once it is done it should start up the game automatically. You will see two pre-formed parties at your disposal. Note that in the future I will be adding the ability to customize your party... character position as well as the ability to have multiples of certain characters like say 2 warriors, a healer, and 2 wizards. The acceptable inputs are seen at the top right. Clicking on something typically selects it and right clicking will either zoom or cancel actions. Escape will exit the program and space will allow you to skip an action. Turns alternate and you pretty much play by yourself or grab a real life friend and teach them and take turns playing the parties. For instructions on how the game actually works read the following description: Introducing codenamed Threatened. Oh and also the playmat is kind of confusing. Below is a diagram of how you should imagine the playmat... one party across from another. Kind of like the pokemon TCG. The diagram below shows how range works as well.

      [Click to enlarge]

      What's coming?

      So the plan is for me to constantly keep working on this and upgrade it as I go. Adding menus, customizable parties, new cards and abilities, sound effects, animations, graphics, etc, etc. You will ALWAYS find the latest build at the top of the Threatened section of our forums. In that section you can also discuss strategies, possible new abilities and cards, possible features, bugs, glitches, etc. I'm a big fan of community feedback for product improvement so if you want to be a part of this game then come join us. ;) For the next release I plan on adding in that party customization so you guys can try out different party setups... maybe try your wizard up front at the start or try having 3 Archers and 2 Warriors. To help encourage you to download the newest build I want to try to add at least one new card to the game... except for this next one since the party customization will add enough possibilities. So come to the forums and keep an eye out for new versions of Threatened... which is still just a codename until I come up with a good name. lol...


      SnoozieDoes said...

      Allright, I tried this and there are somethings I would change. Like rogue. He's pretty much useless. I would add him a special attack, like that he could attack to the person with least threat. And as for some new charaters, I would add some one who is specialiced killing wizards. That way every game won't become wizard fest.

      GodlyPerfection said...

      @5a50d3b38a2298f5c5c5ed02b4177873:disqus Please repost your feedback in the forum snoozie so we can all discuss it there. And I'll let you know my thoughts and my plans. :P