1. Upcoming changes to Threatened

      written by Ray Benefield
      Hello RP readers, I'm back to give you guys an update on the status of Threatened. I'm hoping to have a new version ready hopefully by midweek, but there is no guarantee because we have house guests over. I wanted to cover some of the stuff going on in the Threatened forums in case you haven't been paying attention and covering some of the stuff I'm working on for the new version. Comments for this post will be disabled, post all feedback for Threatened in the forums. Follow any of the links in the article to go to that particular discussion thread.

      Recap of initial release

      Before I move on to the new version, the initial release was rougher than I expected. A lot of people had video card issues and I realized that I had to change the graphics profile from Hi-Def to Reach; allowing more people to try the prototype on less than modern video cards. After that though, things went a little smoother. Gnappy created a paper prototype that you can just print out and play with that also includes a range and turn rules card as well as an RP advertisement card. If you want to try playing in real life then print a couple sheets for you and your friends. As for tracking stats you can use a dry erase board, paper, or a risk pieces with infantry being 10 threat, cavalry being 50 threat, and artillery being 100 threat. And you can use dice for health. Noklu also gave me some good feedback after playing with Jflood at school. His current impression is that it is quite intense as long as you don't lose momentum from a simple mistake. That is good to hear for sure and I hope more of you are out there playing with friends. Hopefully this new version will make it a little easier to teach them.

      Modifications to the current version

      Alright so first of all I need to fix some things with the current version. Apparently Vanish for the Rogue is being quirky. And there is also no win condition... lol. If you destroy the other party it just sits there. And noklu pointed out that you can target and try to heal a full health character which can really set you back against your opponent, so I'm going to make sure you can't do that in the next version. Another thing I'm looking at changing is the party setup. It is really confusing as to how one should be able to target the other team so I think I have a good potential layout to use... unless you guys come up with something better. I'm also making a ton of balance tweaks to make more abilities relevant and to balance the power level of each of the characters.

      Coming Features

      So for this next release my big goal was to get full party customization setup so you don't have to be stuck with that very rigid party. This will open up tons of possibilities for strategies so I will not be adding any new cards this version. In order to add party customization I sort of need a different screen, so I decided to add in a full screen management system allowing me to add menus and message boxes. It is very simple and basic. I sort of ghetto coded it in so I'll be working on making sure it is fully integrated over time instead of just barely working. lol... so the big features for this version are the menus and the full party customization. I hope everything goes smoothly. I may not have as much time to work on it as I would like with house guests, but we will see how that goes. Laterz folks.