1. From Threatened to Aggro

      written by Ray Benefield
      So I'm finally back folks. Took me long enough eh? I promised this update like a week ago. Well having house guests over makes it a ton difficult to get things done. :P But no problem... because here is the new version like I promised. Watch the video to see it first hand. Dive into the post to see the specific details on how to set everything up and exactly what has changed.

      What's changed?

      First of all the name has changed from Threatened to Aggro: The game of threat. Why? Well because Aggro is higher on the alphabetical list and it is a very recognizable term to MMO players. Those that understand the aggro system in MMOs will definitely catch on pretty quickly to this game's mechanics. Next thing to change was the addition of a screen system. Meaning that I now have menus, message boxes, and what nots. Right now the system is extremely basic because I snagged a sample and squeeze Aggro into it, but over time it will improve. Another thing to change was the addition of full party customization. Now you can try out what it is like to have several of a particular character and see what kind of new strategies you find. The main final change was the new playmat setup. This setup is a ton more self explanatory for range purposes and now feels more like other card games to make it much easier to grasp. The whole UI setup isn't final yet, but the card positions will probably stay.

      Next Update Plans

      So now we have the basic functionality of the game, it is time to start cleaning things up. I'll be looking at adding an animation system so I can smoothly tap the cards as well as slide them around the screen rather than just snap them to where they belong. Gotta give the game a little more polish to it. I'll also be looking at adding a couple sound effects, but that will be low priority right now. The main thing will be smoothing everything out a bit. Hopefully Miraj will have some sort of graphics to throw in soon, if not, no big deal. Also I'll probably start adding new cards in from here on out so look forward to new abilities and strategies. So stay tuned folks. Remember to leave your feedback and report any bugs you find. See you guys on the Aggro forums. Peace out!