1. Halo Community Charity Marathon

      written by Ray Benefield
      Hey folks... I'm finding a little bit of time for now. Been quite busy for the past week, but I didn't want to miss the chance to give you guys the heads up on the Halo Community Charity Marathon. I'm just going to copy and paste XForgery's announcement because that's how little time I have... lol. Don't even have time to give you a heads up on the next Aggro update... which if I find some time to finish it will be at the beginning of this next week... maybe Monday. Adios for now folks:

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      Video from the guys at CommunityGamer.com

      What is the Halo Community Charity Marathon?

      HCCM is a fundraising marathon with some of the largest Halo communities participating. It's been put together to celebrate Halo and bring the communities together for a good cause. What cause? How about Child's Play! 100% of all proceeds will go straight to them.

      What can I do?

      First and foremost, you can play Halo Reach with tons of friendly people! You can partake in donating, but it isn't necessary. If for some unfortunate reason you can't play Reach, you can watch us play on UStream.

      When does HCCM Start?

      As of right now, we are planning for a weekend in August (more details to come). When a concrete date is set, everyone can get in on the action by joining up with one of our many hosts for some Multiplayer action. Hosts will most likely be playing some theme, such as Race maps, BTB Matchmaking, Minigames, etc.

      Current Halo Communities participating:

      Please note: This list is far from final, as we're currently talking with other Halo communities (trust me, some of these talks are getting us pumped).

      XForgery (obviously ;) )

      Did I mention that there's prizes?!

      Well there are! Loads of them! To win one of the minor prizes all you have to do is play! The more games you play the higher your chances of winning are. For every $1 you donate to Child's Play you gain an entry to the Major Prizes Raffle.
      Here's a few that we can confirm at this time:

      Minor Prizes:

      1600 MS Points
      1 Month XBL Subscription
      Community Gamer Prize Pack (with flash drive and other goodies)
      Banshee Avatar Prop
      Flood Avatar Pet
      Portal (Steam)
      Humble Bundle

      Major Prizes:

      4000 MS Points
      3x 1600 MS Points
      Halo:Reach Map Packs
      Portal 2 (Steam)
      Terraria (Steam)
      Alan Wake (Xbox)
      Humble Bundle

      How do I join a game? Where do I donate?

      All these answers are here: charity.xforgery.com!!!


      Nikatorus said...

      Join us...join us... join usssss!

      Anonymous said...

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      ExternalMemory said...

      This was a blast. My doctor told me not to go on marathons though, and I'm too poor to afford health insurance, so I copped Community Gamers' thing and donated a $ for every hour I played to limit both. So that's 10 raffle tickets and half of AC 4 or something for some kid that hopefully does have health care.
      feels good man

      GodlyPerfection said...

      Definitely had a great time. Wish I could have been there for more than I was. Didn't have much time, it was a hectic weekend. Thanks for all those who showed up.