1. Incoming Aggro Online Multiplayer

      written by Ray Benefield
      Woah it has been a while since I wrote one of these. I've been kept busy with this upcoming update to Aggro. If you want to see more content on the front page, or want to write stuff for the front page so it stays active then voice your opinions on Noklu's Community Involvement in the Front Page post in the forums. I don't want this front page to become too inactive... lol. But don't stress about it, soon 343i will start up the community cartographers then you will start seeing more content on this front page. On to this awesome new addition to Aggro.

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      The multiplayer

      Alright, so as promised in my last update to Aggro; I've been working hard on an online multiplayer component of Aggro for PC for testing purposes and to garner some interest and get better feedback. Not all of us have real life friends to play with so an online multiplayer could be quite useful. Well the good news is that it is working... and has been for like a week now. I have a small group of testers working behind the scenes to help me work out any major game breaking bugs while having some fun and chatting on skype and XBL while we play. If you want to be an internal tester follow the instructions at this post:

      Other changes

      I've also made some other changes to the game... I've added a delay system and an "information" system that tells you what is going on and pauses for a little bit so you can see it actually happening. The playfield has also been resized quite a bit to fit in a "Title safe area" on any screen/TV. I've also added a different background and change some fonts around. There might also be some balance tweaks put into this upcoming version too. Oh and I changed up the party creation screen so it is a little more clean. So look forward to the next public release at around mid week this week... probably like Wednesday or Thursday. Laterz for now folks.