1. Lesson 49: Exposure

      written by Ray Benefield
      Like I promised the Forge Lessons are back. ;) Sure I'm still working on reviving the rest of the front page content, but this kind of thing takes time. :P lol... So btw we have forums. Did you know that? If not then stop by and join us and introduce yourself. We are a friendly bunch. I promise. Anyways, I'm getting back into this whole internet ordeal and slowly transitioning off of Dark Souls. It is back to work for me. I hope you enjoy today's forge lesson. See you guys later. And don't forget to subscribe via email, RSS feed, twitter, facebook, or youtube through the sidebar on the right.

      Have you ever looked at an ad in the paper or on the internet and finally decided that you would go check out? Eventually you get to the point where your curiosity gets the best of you and you can’t help but see what it is all about. Bulletin boards on the highway, ads on the internet, word of mouth, coupons, sales, deals, etc. are all ways that companies increase the exposure of their product or service so eventually you just want to find out what it’s all about. Why not use this technique yourself?


      You want people to eventually take a look at your content? Well one way is to get them to hear it so much that eventually they are just curious as to why they keep seeing it. In order to do this you need a unique brand name for your content. Using a common word like castle or fortress or bridge or awesome isn’t going to cut it. Unique words that you don’t hear very often or a set of words that aren’t used together very often can work fine. Maybe even a catchy phrase. You don’t want your content to get confused with something else, especially if that something else is more well-known than what you are trying to offer. Even a similar logo could be bad if you are trying to get some exposure. So before doing anything to advertise make sure that you’ve got a brand name you can work with. Go do some research to ensure that there are no well known products with a similar name. I can guarantee that the time will be well spent.

      Show off what you got

      Now that you have a brand name, take some time to think of all the ways that you can increase someone’s exposure to your product. If you post your content on a forum ask yourself if it is really necessary to reply right away to something to re-bump it to the top. If your content is already on the front page near the top then it is already getting a ton of exposure. Wait to reply to it when it is not getting much exposure like if it is at the bottom of the page or not even on the front page. It’s difficult to restrain yourself and requires quite a bit of patience, but it will be worth it. Things like reputation and nurturing can come into play here as well. If you have a good reputation people are more likely to pay attention to what you talk about. If you nurture your fans then you can ask them to talk about your content more. Maximizing the amount of time a person is exposed to your brand name means there is a higher chance they will recognize it and a higher chance that they will eventually look at it. Even ad space for your content can increase exposure.

      Triggering recognition

      One of your goals of advertising is to get to the point where people recognize your product. To do this you need to continue to expose your product to them. The more they see it the higher chance that they will recognize it from somewhere else. Once they start to recognize it then their curiosity will start to build. And eventually they may be compelled to look at what you have to offer. Recognition is a big deal and when people recognize your product then they hear it somewhere they are more inclined to inquiry about it and look into it. What is the point of first impressions, path manipulation, eye catching, perspectives, or any other design principle if people don’t ever take the time to look at your content, am I right?


      Noklu said...

      I love how you just cram in a whole set of links at the very end. Increasing exposure for those lessons and value-adding to the entire user experience, are we? 

      Schnitzel said...

      Really, so long as some one takes some good screen shots, and writes up a decent post to go with, I'll take a look at the map. Lack of pictures or information in turn leads to a lack of downloads.

      Anonymous said...

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