1. Rebirth of RP

      written by Ray Benefield
      It has been a while... Dark Souls has taken my soul away. Good news is, I woke up today with this strange craving to get back into the swing of how things used to be. Not just with updating Aggro, but with bringing back the level design stuff. So let's get started shall we?

      A short bit on Dark Souls

      So when I get hyped for a game, I get really hyped for a game and follow it and learn as much as I can about it. Brink, Two Worlds 2, Transformers: WFC, etc. were all very minor games and for a very niche crowd. Dark Souls is a completely different beast. After 2 straight weeks of playing with 60 hours on one character and another 55 on my second character I can honestly say that Dark Souls is one of the best games that I have ever played. If you enjoy old school difficulty games like Metroid, F-Zero, Contra, Zelda (the old games), Mario, etc. then you will have a HUGE appreciation for Dark Souls. I can guarantee that I will be playing this game for months maybe even years to come just like Armored Core.

      What's coming back

      So first of all I want to revive the Forge Lessons... there are still TONS of different topics that can be covered and people really enjoyed it. It also brought quite a bit of traffic here so that will be nice. As far as RP Favorites goes, I may discontinue that and replace it with a similar series one day. It is basically a featured map system. When I figure out what I want to do for a new featured map system then I will let you guys know. Aggro will also probably be making a come back after having been on break for three weeks. Gnappy, Wolfpack, and myself will all get back to work soon once I get back into the groove of things. We've done a lot of stuff behind the scenes and hopefully we will get to bring everything to light soon. For now you can head to the Aggro Discussion Forum to see some of the stuff we've worked on. Here is a little sample brought to you by Gnappy. ;)

      What's new and upcoming

      Well there is a few things coming. Nabble (our forum system) has just opened up the ability to modify the code behind the scenes so look forward to MANY upgrades coming to the forums. If we can find a way to some how incorporate the forum system into the front page then we will I promise. But we don't know how possible that is. Cobb will be hard at work behind the scenes. Also hopefully we will get back into guest writing again. Noklu has been a bit busy, but I have another writer in mind. He will do a lot more forge centric writing than general level design writing so he may appeal more to the halo forge crowd then most of noklu's or my stuff. Still have to get things settled on that front but I will keep you guys in the loop. Another thing is hopefully soon myself or noklu or someone else will start consolidating the thread topics in the new Front Page Design Content forum. For now head over there and post your thoughts on the various topics in there. You might learn something or teach someone else something. For now I'm out... I've got to get back to work on re-integrating myself back into the interwebs and getting my soul back. ;)


      Noklu said...

      My final exams for mathematics will be over on Wednesday next (probably your Thursday) so I might pick up some writing for the front page again. My summer break is only five or six weeks after that, so that'll be great as well. 

      Schnitzel said...

      Good to see your back up and running. I'm looking forward to some H:CEA content related posts. Best of luck.
      Oh, and I'm pretty positive I won't go around trolling anymore... Lost interest in forge and MLG. :P