1. Racing towards Matchmaking - Extension

      written by Ray Benefield
      So I've got my laptop back. It is working much smoother than before (used to overheat all the time). I still have to get everything re-setup... grab my chrome extensions, fix up my desktop, hunt down all my usual software, transfer my backup files, etc. etc. So I'll be back to a normal routine shortly. For now, let's talk about this design challenge.


      First of all... I don't care who you are, you need to get feedback on your maps before submitting them to a challenge. Especially if the hosts of the challenge are offering you a way to test your maps or get feedback. Part of being a good designer is receiving feedback and tweaking it from there. So posting your map only to the final submission and not to the WIP thread is not the way to go. I know I haven't been around much, but I also know that Mythic has been doing a great job with playing these racetracks. Posting your map in a WIP/feedback thread can only help you because people feel more comfortable with maps they are familiar with. If the people that are judging your map are offering to play it or even look at it beforehand then you should jump at that chance. Exposure can only help. Posting in the final submission thread without seeking feedback is a little bit sort of like saying "My work is so awesome it doesn't need to be improved".

      Read everything

      This is extremely important. READ EVERYTHING. If you are entering a contest then don't skip over stuff. Read everything. Whether it be criticism about the competition, rules, tips, etc. Whatever you can get your hands on. A big thing is that people were constantly saying "I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO SUBMIT STUFF!!!!" That is on you. Through the main thread you would see the WIP and Feedback thread link. In that link is the info of when to post your final submission and how it works. Part of the reason I set things up like that is as a basic intelligence test to see who pays attention to details. It weeds out those who don't really care. And listening to the criticism of the competition is very handy. Sometimes it can give you inspiration on how you can make things better on your map. So again... READ EVERYTHING.

      Time to redeem yourself

      So now it is time to redeem yourself. For those who are actually interested in this challenge and getting their map improved then this is your chance to do better. For those who have been following the rules this is your chance to polish and maybe try to squeeze out what little budget or object limit you have. This is your chance to get more splitscreen tests. This is your chance to give your maps more exposure and get people more familiar with it. I don't expect everyone to read this post... only those who are interested. Always keeps tabs on something you want to participate in. So here is the new deadline: Feb. 1st, 2012. That is more than 3 more weeks. Continue to post your maps on the forums in the WIP thread. I won't even consider maps that I haven't played atleast a couple of times. And guess what... if it isn't in the WIP thread then I probably haven't played it.


      Alexharkler said...

      This is an MX track I made, I know that the start gate is cheatable, and i plan on fixing that next time i get online, but I'd love any other feedback

      hunEtER0121773 said...

      excuses me what do u mean by challenge??

      Evan51 said...

      contest submission