1. Mindful Cartography - Introduction

      written by Ray Benefield
      Sup guys... GP here and I've started a new video series centered around level design. This new video series is called Mindful Cartography [MC] and it is created with the intention of discussing level design concepts to help forgers get their maps in matchmaking in Halo: Reach as well as preparing you for forging in Halo 4. In addition I've timed this to help the forgers that are participating in the Community Cartographers Objective Forge Contest.

      I am one of the handful of Community Cartographers [CCs] on Halo Waypoint. We look through community maps and submit the best ones that we come across to 343's Matchmaking Team for consideration for matchmaking. This video is strictly from my own point of view and my views do not represent the views of the other CCs. Each CC is different and just because I look for certain things doesn't mean that the rest of the team looks for them as well. For those curious it is because of the CCs that most of the community maps are in matchmaking now. If you don't agree with the maps then this could be your chance to see at least my point of view on things and possibly bring up some superb maps that are laying around that we may have missed.

      Like I said this series will also serve to help forgers transition towards Halo 4 forging. Forge is already confirmed in Halo 4 and odds are that there are enough similarities between Reach and H4 that there is nothing wrong with preparing now. There are design concepts that transcend many games and by learning these design concepts prior to Halo 4 you will be much more prepared to hit the ground running once H4 hits shelves on November 6th.

      I hope you enjoy the series and I hope you leave me some feedback. I will try to push out as many videos as I possibly can quickly for the contest. Expect a special page posted here on RP similar to the Forge Lessons page in due time.


      Zombifiedpanda said...

      signed copy of halo 4, I WANT!!

      I'm excited to see this design video series, i suggest you have a q&a at the end of each video to let your audience interact with the project and to bring more subjects to later episodes. (question and answers for those of you who don't know what q&a means)

      Lucas said...

      Why do I feel like I'm living you life in the past? I'm at uni studying computer science, programming everyday, but with a keen interest in game design. My name is Lucas (in case you didn't know), and I was captivated by Halo 3 Forge...