1. Looking for a Community Manager

      written by Ray Benefield
      AHHHH!!! I'm sooo behind. Why? Cuz between a full time job, a full time family, games with friends for social time, and random other stuff I find very little time to focus on Aggro Tactics a week and that time is very precious to me so personally I'd rather not write a blog a week. But there are many benefits to it so I want it done... so how do we fix that good peoples that might be reading this? Well I start looking into building a team. So here it is, I'm looking for someone to be that first other team member and take on the role of a Community Manager.

      What's needed for a "team"

      So even just adding someone to the team is going to take quite a few tasks. I need to write up some welcome info on how to get this person started. Setting up SVN repositories, getting the right software, the current procedures/process that I follow myself, rule set explanation, etc. All of that needs to be organized and easy enough to follow for a new person. The initial work should pay off though... well that's what everyone always hopes. But that is the stuff I need to do. There is also stuff I'm going to need from said new person. Let's talk about the kind of things that this person would be responsible for.

      Community Manager Responsibilities

      So what will be asked of said person? Well the major part of the position would be maintaining the Community. At this point it includes the blog; constructing content for posts, writing the posts, and handling any comments from any readers that we may have luckily snagged up. That responsibility alone requires quite a bit. Some basic graphical experience, at least as much as I have (which I have practically none). Understanding of Vector art, basic image creation, etc. Nothing special. Just stuff to show to the people. Then you need some writing skills. Hopefully said person has evidence of writings past. And finally said person must be personable. You have to be cool-headed in high pressure situations. If someone says terrible terrible things you need to be able to handle yourself professionally. Why? Because you are a COMMUNITY manager. It means you have to interface with people. :P General experience with things like Unity, SVN, Blogger, Inkscape, Sketchup, Unfuddle, Coding (like HTML), etc. including all similar type tools/experience is more than welcome. Understanding what project management is and the concept of tickets could be good, but not really necessary.

      So I'm looking for someone that I can trust for the first team member. This person should be a friend that I've had through the ghost of Christmas' Past. I need someone that I know will be cool about following my lead. And I'll tell you know... I'm going full speed ahead blind and learning as I go. Communication will be important. Preferably Skype. Voice definitely. You'll need to be patient and understand this is a side project, something that needs to be made time for out of normal schedules. An understanding of the difficulty of game development is pretty much a must. UNDERSTAND that like 99% of people that attempt creating an indie game fail for one reason or another. That is normal. There are never any guarantees in life and the game dev industry is tenfold. Do you think you can handle that?

      What I can and can't promise

      So I can promise that this WHOLE finding teammates thing is new to me. Well the more formal way of doing it. Asking friends to do it and putting out a request is completely different. You'll have to bear with me. Those who have worked with me in the past or know me know that I can handle the task. I've done crazy things before and taken leaps to achieve great things. I can promise that things will almost never be consistent. Some weeks we could get LOADS done, and others may be just a push back week. I can promise that I understand that other people have real lives as well. I can promise that I believe in being fair. I believe how you carry yourself, take care of others, and general relations with people can mold the results of anything you are working on. I WILL have a strong respect for everyone that I work with.

      ***IMPORTANT*** I cannot promise monetary compensation if we succeed of ANY sort. This is an unpaid position until payment is decided upon if at all. First of all the financial details of what would be the fully released game are not set in stone. Work is also very hard to quantify early on. If you join the team I will have you sign something that essentially says that you understand that there is no promise of that. But if there are profits to be had I will be as fair as I possibly can. Obviously money has to first jump into developmental needs. Otherwise we are working for free. Why? Because it is just something that we want to achieve. Not something that we need for making money. I feel like I'm a pretty fair individual and I will provide reasoning for whatever comes forward and also allow everyone's input into what happens. I will not work in bad faith. Plus I'm new to this... give me some slack. ;)

      If you are interested

      Just contact me through GodlyPerfection@ReachingPerfection.com. For now this will be very informal. I'm not expecting many (or maybe any) people to jump at this mainly because I also don't think many people are reading this (lol). If you are, then you are already ahead of the game. I will probably be mass emailing this out to all RP users soon. I'll let you decide how you approach me... resume, description of who you are and why you would be a good fit, etc. All that good stuff. Be bold if you are interested. I like bold people. There are no real guarantees for anything going forward. Keep that in mind. If you want to do this you have to be willing to accept that this may feel like a waste of everyone's time. I shouldn't have to explain what you can get out of this opportunity if you try though. The project falling through doesn't have to be a set back if it ever happens. If there are multiple applicants... then I wish you luck. I leave you with this video:


      DeeBG said...

      Hey Raymond, nice to see you on track with a new game (past games were always fun and had exciting and original ideas); I hope this one will be the first to break the RC bubble! Also for any future community managers, don't worry, one day you will have gofers and interns to abuse (PERKS!)

      For some reason I find myself busier in my "off time" than when I have work or school but that's how it goes. Make sure to hit me up when you see McDroid floating around Steam for a gratis copy (the game is greenlit and I had nothing to do with the development but they brought me in for misc. art assets like Steam Trading Cards and we are clear for a Jan/Feb release). Cheers!