1. Of Ostriches and High Explosives

      written by ASpace Ostrich
      Ray's Note: Jack's email came with a familiar forum name. I didn't think that we were going to be getting a 3D modeler/animator. Animators are hard to come by. We got lucky and I look forward to things to come. Especially since I wasn't looking forward to learning animation myself. *shudders* Glad to have him on the team. RECRUITING AN ARMY!!! ;)

      The twisted ramblings of a 3D guy. Read on to learn more about me, and groan at my terrible jokes.

      Terrible Analogies 

      3D modelling is like sculpting with C4. Not deliberately of course, because that would be silly, but it does seem to be a bit like that considering the number of times I've started a model and five hours later the arms get blown off. I'm Jack, multimedia student from the mystical land of Australia, and I'm here to do art. I first started my 'career' in multimedia way back in the mid 2000's at the age of somewhere between twelve and fifteen. I'm studying at a local college who's name I'd rather not disclose, mostly because they rebrand every six months so I'm not entirely sure what the bloody place is called, and I one day hope to become a games designer. On the interwebz I call myself A Space Ostrich, pleased to meet you.

      Aggro What Now?

      I was sitting here at my computer, probably caught somewhere in the middle of a TvTropes binge or something, when out of the corner of my eye, an email alert popped up. Who could that be? I thought to myself before deciding it was probably spam and preparing to hammer the delete icon. To my great surprise it was a message from Reaching Perfection, a website I wasn't aware I was subscribed to until I remembered my ForgeHub days working on some terrible banners that never wound up being used. Intrigued, I opened the email and saw that some chap named Ray was working on a game, and wanted a community manager.

      With the door into the wonderous realm of games development open a crack, I proceeded to charge through, startling everyone in the room and offering my services as a 2D or 3D animator. To my great surprise, I got an email back. I was in, I was living the dream, I was, in the loosest possible definition of the word, a game developer.

      The Future

      Aggro Tactics will be using 2D isometric graphics, I'll be creating 3D characters and rendering them out for use in 2D spritesheets. Stylistic choices and environment design are still in the works, so I can't exactly give you a rundown on how it'll look, but based on early talks, it seems like a lot of diversity will be included in the games characters. I've got my fingers crossed for a steam powered Ostrich of some kind. I look forward to chatting with you all about Aggo, multimedia in general, and pixar films.


      Doc1777 said...

      Great! I have a friend currently working with Pixar, some of the things he creates look fantastic. Makes me wonder if I should got into his field instead of Mechanical Engineering. Anyways I look forward to seeing your work with Aggro!