1. Building Foundations

      written by Marc Hughley
      Short update this week friends, we're in the throes of preparation for something... greater.

      Learning from the Past.

      Over the various iterations and variations on Aggro over the years, maintaining a clean flow in the code has been a topic of great importance. However given the fact that a drive to get something playable up and running has been at the base of our team's motivational resources, it may have previously taken a back seat to getting something done sooner. The previous setups have been strapped together with dreams of grandeur and Designer Magic. We're going to be moving forward with less dreaming and more doing, and maintaining a healthy dose of Designer Magic.

      Building for the future.

      So in lieu of rushing through and brute forcing everything, we're driving forward with a more elegant approach. Currently Ray's working on getting a semblance of a console system in place, so when things break, as they are wont to do, we have an access panel to get in and poke the guts of our creation. With that in the works, we are also putting the new forum update under a magnifying glass to ensure everything is fit for your consumption. If you set out to make a tool, you at least have to make sure it is reliable enough to be depended on.

      In short, the prep currently being done will pay off a great deal in the future. We are not  after all, the lowly noobs we once were. Mind you we may still be noobs, we're getting better damnit! We've at least come to realize in our prior haste that battles are not won in the time after your enemy is met, but in the training and work put in before you even step foot on the field.

      Sharpen your steel, Perfectionists- there's change on the wind.