1. Down, but not Out

      written by Ray Benefield
      Crickets... never a good sign. We are two days overdue for a blog post, considering our goal is at least one every seven days. Not entirely anyone's fault, just a series of unfortunate events. Next time though, I'll get on Ryan. ;)

      Unfortunate Events

      So a couple of weeks ago, my wife's screen on her laptop broke. It works fine when hooked up to an external monitor (IE our TV that I'm typing on now), but other than that it is pretty much kaput. What ended up happening is that in order for her to continue her routine, she needed my computer so she could stay in her chair and what not. This makes it really hard for me to work as I know longer have access to my local files, my programs, or a close up screen to work on. So this has EXTREMELY hampered the amount of work the team has been able to get done. Like a lot.

      This moments of sadness

      I've been here before... hitting that speed bump when all is going sooo well. Things were picking up and picking up fast. But then we lost momentum. Momentum is key to working on a team. And it sucks when we are just getting started and everyone is still getting acquainted with what needs to be done and what not. I hate these moments and I've experienced them in the past with game dev. When you are working for nothing it is hard to get back on the train. But this time I've got other people I can't let down. And I'm anxious to jump back on the horse and push us forward. I've had my moments of "this isn't going to work out". But unlike in the past... I can handle this, because I have a team that I have a responsibility to, a job that is keeping me financially stable, and a dream that I want to achieve. It is tough, but we are going to get back to being in full swing again.

      Trust is key

      My biggest regret of this incident is my team's trust. How can they trust me to move forward when anything like this could happen. If I'm not putting out the same amount of work, then why should they? And for good reason too. We are a new team and we need to build that trust. The only way we are going to do that is if someone brings us together. And in order to do that I need to get my act together and work 10X's harder than I did before my laptop was re-assigned. And that is what I will do. Team if you are reading this, I will not fail you and I will fight to keep this thing going. But I will prove this to you in actions. I've ordered myself a completely new laptop yesterday. It is a huge investment, but in the end it will be best for the team as I will be much faster and much more responsive to things that need to get done. No more waiting 10 minutes for a program to load.

      We may be down right now and slow hobbling (which is kind of disheartening considering how early in the process we are), but I will not let this fall. AWAY!!!