1. Scipi Signing On

      written by Thomas Stone
      Ray's Note: Woohoo! Another programmer to work with. I've known Thomas for a while thanks to sir David Cobb. Excited to work with Thomas. He already seems very competent and capable of growing his skillset. This will give us both the opportunity to explore design principles and patterns, while building from the ground up. And Thomas being an AI developer, he covers a very important part of the project that I haven't even take the time to delve into. Perhaps one day... regardless, Thomas will be quite the asset moving forward. Welcome to the team bro!
      The introduction of the team's most recent programmer.

      Who am I?

      I am Thomas, aka, Scipi. I am a Computer Science student with a keen interest in both AI and game development. I used to participate in Ray's forge testing lobbies for a time, back on Halo Reach. I also followed him on the Ouya forums, back when he was working on Covet.

      Some other information about me, I am a gamer (who isn't, anyways?) and my favorite genre is definitely Strategy/RTS. I play a lot of Europa Universalis and Total War with some FPS's interspersed in there. Namely Titanfall and Borderlands 2, currently.

      Role I'll be playing

      Being a programmer, my main role will be assisting Ray in writing Aggro's code, fixing bugs, and implementing new features. I also expect my role as the first additional programmer is to be a bit of a lab rat for Ray to help make sure future programmers coming to the team don't run into any issues with the build.

      With an additional programmer on board, we can get develop the game faster and get more done in less time. Ray can also afford to work on other aspects of the game outside of programming, without sacrificing progress on the executable itself. He'll also be able to delegate a lot of the more grueling and tedious programming work and be able to focus on the more critical issues.

      Hopes and Dreams

      Ultimately, I'd like to bring some kind of singleplayer aspect to Aggro. It could be something as small as a practice mode or as big as coop boss fights. In a game like Aggro, 99% of any singleplayer code is likely to be AI (after all, it's really nothing different that a multiplayer match, except one player is a bot). Seeing how I currently have more experience with AI coding than Ray does, it seems likely I'll be the one looking into that possibility.


      Doc1777 said...

      Fantastic! I look forwarding to seeing your AI coding in action.