1. Destiny inspires me

      written by Ray Benefield
      So I've missed a few days and HabitRPG keeps yelling at me and I have 10 minutes until midnight. I blame destiny because most of the time I'm playing until 2 in the morning and miss the midnight mark. This won't be a long post, but this is an attempt at the least and I wanted to talk about how much Destiny inspires me and motivates me.

      The Challenge

      I'm loving Destiny. More than a lot of people. The challenge is part of it, the exploration, discovery, and the push towards improving. That is kind of what ReachingPerfection.com was all about. A constant approach towards getting better. Destiny doesn't pull any punches. It works hard to make sure that no matter what you are always working towards being your best to conquer the challenges presented to you. Just doing the weekly heroic strike at each difficulty level has shown me that you can always learn more and always do something a little bit better.

      Dedication over skill

      It isn't all about gun skill in this FPS. It is just as much about learning and getting better as anything. I'm not a great shooter player, but I take pride in my ability to push forward through tough times. The heroic weekly has been tough. 2-3 hours spent on each run. Tonight we didn't complete it, but it was still a learning experience and tomorrow we are doing it again. I love the ability to take a plan of action and execute it flawlessly and if that doesn't work try again. It is a blast to me to find the little things that will make it easier. Part of it is gear, but we know that even with the best gear there will always be something just as hard so learning is key. I really want to work on a guide for Devil's Lair because of how much we have learned. I think the community would like it.