1. Two full days of Destiny

      written by Ray Benefield
      Checking back in. I missed yesterday's post as I was fighting to reach max level last night and was exhausted. But I'm doing it tonight so that's something. I'm two FULL days into Destiny now and let me tell you...

      A Blast

      Yep... pretty much how I feel about Destiny right now. I'm loving every minute of it. A bit of it is getting a wee bit repetitive but it also doesn't help that I've been playing for HOURS straight. It hurts and not being at work and doing something productive is killing me. So tomorrow I should be back to having a blast. My small little group that I'm running with is already at 20 and are working towards light level 25 so we can be prepared for the raid. I'm excited for the raid. We got a little taste of a difficult match by trying to play the Nightfall Strike. That was an eye opener. It was VERY hard. And not so much unfun either... it is still hectic and a blast and takes a lot of coordination and timing. PvP loads of fun and I've finally got my playstyle done.

      More to come...

      I really am trying to form this habit of posting every day. I know this is kind of lame posting, but if I can form the habit then I can start talking about more meaningful stuff. Build the habit now and refine the content later. The HabitRPG stuff is going well. I've been much more motivated to actually do chores as they give me gold with which I can by time to play Destiny, or watch TV or something. It justifies my time playing... if I'm playing for 3 hours it is because I put a lot of effort to earn those hours. The system is good and it is making me a better person. Little by little. Reaching Perfection folks... that is what it is all about.