1. Conquest

      Conquest is a territories gametype, inspired by Flag Rally, that is made to represent the constant push and shove of frontlines during war time. This is done through non-locking territories, quick captures, and a tug-of-war style of gameplay. It was designed to focus ALL combat around one choke point at all times and require teamwork to progress forward. There is almost no chance to flank a team. To progress forward you must present more brute force than your opposition.

      Halo 3 Conquest Guides

      Conquest in Halo: Reach Matchmaking

      Conquest is one of the most influential and popular gametypes of Halo 3's history. It has built a massive fan base and has dozens of map variants built for it. Our goal is to get Conquest into Halo: Reach's matchmaking system. This is important to not only Conquest supporters, but those who enjoy custom gametypes in general. If Conquest makes it into matchmaking it will open the door to other gametypes showing the world that custom games are not just made of infection, fat kid, and MLG. Help us prepare Conquest for matchmaking!

      Do you want to help build maps or help playtest the Conquest gametype and maps?

      Head on over to the Conquest in Reach Matchmaking post and write a comment with your gamertag in order to sign up for map design or playtesting (make sure to mention which or both). You will then get a friend request from the gamertag ConquestInReach. From that gamertag you will receive invites to Conquest events, you can submit your maps for playtesting, and you will receive updates on new Conquest info.

      Do you want to show your support and recruit people for the cause?

      Check out the Conquest Info post for a MASSIVE amount of signatures that you can use to show your support. Send anyone that you feel would love to help the cause back to this page: http://www.reachingperfection.com/p/conquest.html. Start telling your friends. Who knows... maybe your Conquest map can get into matchmaking as well?

      Future sections to be added: 
      • Changes to Reach Conquest
      • Version History
      • Map Archive
      • Map Submission
      • Conquest Events